Andrew MacGregor in All-Japan Music Competition

20cMelbourne based shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute) player Andrew MacGregor has been selected for Final of the All-Japan National Japanese Music Competition.

Melbourne based shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute) player Andrew MacGregor is one of five shakuhachi players selected for the final of the all-Japan National Japanese Music Competition to be held on May 18th. The competition is open to professional and amateur musicians of any age and nationality and Andrew MacGregor is the only non-Japanese in the final.

Andrew MacGregor first heard the sound of the shakuhachi for only a few seconds in 1970s on a recording by rock musician Leon Russell. He was gripped by the soul-penetrating sound. Andrew MacGregor traveled regularly the 900 kilometers to Sydney to learn from his first teacher and then traveled to study in Japan. Andrew MacGregor had his first recital in 1995, and has performed with koto, Japanese drums, classical guitar, violin, mandolin, clarinet, didgeridoo and others.

Andrew MacGregor will play a traditional piece “Sagariha” (falling leaves) for the competition. In addition to traditional music, he has an extended repertoire of contemporary music such as Chopin and Villa Lobos He is passionate to promote Japanese music as high standard classic music and always chooses sympathetic venues for his performances.

Andrew MacGregor had a successful concert series in January this year with Japanese 21 string koto player Haruko Watanabe.

On June 1st, he will present a concert at St. Michael’s Uniting Church with Tadashi Tajima and his group from Japan. This will see the Australian premiere of Stella of Akané M. Angel, a new work by Japanese composer Satoko Maeda which was arranged specially for Andrew MacGregor.

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