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Chess players meet fans in the club to play to emulate the great world champion Jose Raul Capablanca, the pride of Cuba. It is played on Sundays and weekdays. There are chess championships. Those interested in participating or play should speak with a member of the policy to seek their peers, if necessary, and to assist and accommodate schedules.

Folk Dance

Folk dances from different countries are presented in the Club. The scenario has provided a platform for many groups from different countries.


Investing and supporting the Hispanic community, the Club has established a student scholarship awarded once a year. A few months before the scholarship award will be announced by Spanish-language television that the Atlanta Cuban Club awards a scholarship to a Hispanic student community.


  • Participants must be Hispanic students in the area.
  • Write a composition about the theme chosen this year.
  • Give the composition before the announced date.

A panel of judges, business associates of the Club, reviews all the compositions and chooses a winner based on the participant’s personal merit, qualifications and the substance and presentation of the composition. The scholarship is given to the winner during a ceremony in Atlanta Cuban Club.


Game favored by women members of the Club. The ladies gather in the dining room at noon on Sundays and after lunch go to the halls of the Club and take over your corner and play basket has said. Championships are held basket. Men are welcome.


The ladies of the Board made a neat basket for a baby and gather items obtained through donations from members. The basket is delivered to a low-income Hispanic family is going to have a baby around January 28. The family takes possession of the basket during the celebration of the Supper Marti.


A patriotic date is commemorated in the Club every January is the birth of the apostle Jose Marti. On 28 January, or as close to that date, held a traditional Cuban dinner (rice with black beans, pork, yucca, salad, bread, dessert and Cuban coffee is necessary.) After dinner always, He has a connoisseur of our history, who we talk about it. We had several speakers from famous Cuban journalists to a great-granddaughter of Calixto Garcia.

It is customary for the ladies of the Board to make delivery of a baby basket for Marti’s Supper to a poor Hispanic family.


The Club is the scene of numerous and diverse concert s presentations of famous artists. The piano concerts featuring Grandmaster Enrique Chia, international artist, Cuban-American resident of Atlanta and former president of the Atlanta Cuban Club are very pleased to members and the public. Are also welcomed the concerts by groups Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and other international artists.


Dominoes, Cuban favorite pastime played with cards up to twice nine. Cuban Club members play every Sunday and a weekday without needing to bring colleagues, there is always someone willing to sit at a table and make partner. Domino Championships are held. The Atlanta Journal Constitution ran a story about the game in the Club.


This is one of the parties that are most like and very busy. Have been held since the beginning of the Club in 1977 and continue to please the members and the public. The Spanish fiestas, with their performances of flamenco clubs and dance, are lively and fabulous. Every year the Spanish Club is a party where they serve Spanish wines, cheeses and snacks during cocktail hour.


September is the opening of the New Year social club and is celebrated with a big gala dinner dance or show. In this event, the new Board is presented to the public.


During the month of December, the Atlanta Cuban Club members and friends are encouraged to bring toys for needy children. If a member has asked that, the day of the Feast of Christmas bring a toy. Toys are delivered on Christmas Day to low-income Hispanic children in the city. Are given to the Catholic or church or center chosen by the Board based on the need for such a place. The chosen site collects toys the day before Christmas and is responsible for distributing them. The toy collection is growing every year thanks to the generosity of the participants.


In December, the Club offers its members a party. This is a Christmas party at no cost to members, where they meet and enjoy a nice family atmosphere, singing carols, Christmas songs, enjoy a delicious snack and there’s always either a surprise special guest, someone at the piano , etc. and at this event will deliver the toys collected for needy children


Each year members and guests celebrate the end of the year in our rooms enjoying a great dinner and dancing to our live tropical music. A midnight toasts with champagne and celebrate the coming of the New Year with balloons, whistles and rattles.


The ‘Noche Cubana’ honor, with typical food, different countries and regions with emphasis on Latin America and Spain. Constan, usually a dinner followed by a BINGO and take place on Friday night. Occasionally there are dance performances, plays and live music by Club members.


Members of the Club and professional companies present Spanish-language plays.


At the Theatre Club Siboney are exhibited free of charge to members and the public, movies in Spanish. Among the shootings, which have been found, Rafter, Cafe Con Leche, 90 miles, La Guantanamera and many more?

The dining room and bar stay open Club before the shooting of each film where they can buy food and drinks.


The Club provides literary gatherings, which feature characters or people of great ability that are related to the topic discussed. Several dates are celebrated patriotic through these gatherings.
Club bar remains open before the party. At the end of the meeting the ladies of the Club offers a delicious snack.


Patriotic date is commemorated in the Club every year on May 20, the day when we celebrate the Independence of the Republic of Cuba. This event is celebrated in different ways, a dinner dance, a roast pig or a Cuban cocktail party, usually with an orchestra show.


Representing Cuba in exile in the opening ceremony of the Olympics in Atlanta in 1996 with the participation and representation of the folk group of young Cuban-Americans in Atlanta Cuban Club.


  • Fashion Shows
  • Musical gatherings
  • Excursions
  • Fiestas de Debutantes
  • Picnics
  • Cuban Art Exhibition
  • Exhibition Balsas
  • Cuban Memorabilia Exhibition
  • Epiphany
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