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City tour:

Atlanta is truly risen from the ashes. Today harmony is a vibrant city where the old and the new Atlanta. A city tour I can only recommend this tour as you drive past all the Olympic Sights and all interesting to buildings. Any official Visitor Guide, which you can get for free at the Visitor Center in the underground, companies are listed, making the city tours. There are also German-language tours, but this time you should call ahead.

Lunch and walk:

After a city tour is doing a walk through Centennial Park (Olympic Park) determined well. Lunch at the Sun Dial Restaurant of the Western Peachtree Plaza hotel – the tallest hotel in the southern states – is an experience. From the elevator that goes on outside hotel high, you have a great view of the city. For fear of heights it’s better to take a normal lift, since 73 floors are already pretty high. The menu in the rotating Sun Dial Restaurant is rich, the prices are a bit higher, because one must pay for the view.

Interesting Building in Downtown:

In the afternoon you could various buildings that interest a somewhat more thorough look more like the John Portmann built from Peachtree Center, and his first hotel (Hyatt) in 1967, the atrium was built in the style. Not to mention the 46-story Marriott Marquis, with over 1674 rooms and 82 suites. Also an atrium hotel.

Live on CNN:

Those interested in a live broadcast of CNN should be around 3 clock in the afternoon when CNN. Every day at the same time each of 3-4 is the Show Talk Back Live at the can participate. The presenter makes their job very well.

Martin Luther King, Jr.:

The historian, who in the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. is interested, can be birthplace on Auburn Ave. and call for free visit. A little further on the Freedom Walk is his grave. The Ebenezer Church in 1913 is now released also for the (free) tour. The MLK Center to the Church tells the story of his life, the blacks and how they have been treated by the whites. The short film, also free, is also recommended. His wife, Coretta, and family had campaigned for this center.

Cyclorama / Grand Park:

Who wants to learn from the Civil War and the Battle of Atlanta, the Cyclorama is the interest in the Grand Park. Headphones in German are available at the entrance.

In the evening:

A stroll in the late afternoon on the famous Peachtree Street is an experience. Starting in the underground, past the Woodruff Park, you can practice good studies.


For supper, in downtown for all tastes. Fast Food in Peachtree Center, the younger generation, the Planet Hollywood restaurant in the Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis invested for. The hamburger tasted excellent here, as are various salads, and they still the biggest hunger. Usually people here have to count on a snake.

The referee Youth will be next door to the International Blvd. Pittypat’s Porch, a typical Mediterranean restaurant. There will be operated in costumes from the Antebellum period. There are dishes such as BBQ pork and sweetened iced tea, which you can get without sugar.

Hotels in Downtown:

If one of the many hotels in downtown wants to live in one, you can pretty well and cheaply in Americana (a Best Western Hotel) live. The Americana is time to rebuilt, should be finished by autumn, and is then Wynham hotel. (22.07.1999.) Even now the Comfort Inn Holiday Inn Express (22/07/1999) is good and very centrally located. In the Underground Underground Suite Hotel is a bit more expensive. Atlanta is indeed a congress and trade fair city and has 50,000 rooms.

Baseball in the former Olympic stadium:

What do you do at night in Atlanta and how to get in contact with local people? It offers a baseball game at Turner Field (the former Olympic Stadium) to downright. Click to play the champions, the Atlanta Braves. Whole families with their children and bring their own drinks and snacks and have fun here.

Of course, there are at each corner of the Stadium hot dogs, hamburgers, popcorn, Coca-Cola, or even to buy beer. The tickets cost 50-30 dollars, and are in the evening at the entrance. If you do not know the rules, every American is happy to provide information – and you’ve got contact. A fun you should treat yourself necessarily.

In the winter months, American football with the Atlanta Falcons at the Georgia Dome experience.


Those that buy will prefer to use Marta (public bus and subway) for $ 1.50 and go to Lenox Square. This is the largest shopping mall in the southern states. Be careful and use the train to Doraville and get right on Lenox. The shops are to night at 9:30 on clock, sometimes even longer. Similarly, on Sunday afternoon after church 1-6 clock.

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