Atlanta – Midtown

Bible Belt

Fox Theatre

Margaret Mitchell

Along the Peachtree Street

Bible Belt:

Atlanta is a very elongated city. On the first Peachtree falls at once that it is almost a church on every corner. Thanks to the then priest O’Reilly, General Sherman, the churches during the civil war, not burnt. The Baptists, Methodists and Episcopal are well represented here. This is called the Southern States and the “bible belt” because people here are very religious.

Fox Theatre:

Are the churches we see on the left side the Fox Theatre, originally built as a “Shriner Temple. It turned out then, unfortunately, that building went far beyond the estimated costs. William Fox bought the building in 1927 and made a play of it. It has an oriental design, complete with onion domes. With almost 5,000 seats and an organ flutes with 3610 it’s been a tour, or even an idea worth.

Compared to the Fox Theatre, there are restaurants where you can sit outside well, if one do not mind the summer heat. The Georgia Terrace Garden Restaurant appeal to everyone.

Margaret Mitchell:

Continue north, past the Margaret Mitchell House, the author of “Gone with the Wind.” Unfortunately, it is by arson burned down a few times. Mercedes Benz has been very generous and has provided for the reconstruction of 4.5 million dollars. Now it’s done, looks very nice and is released to the public. Margaret Mitchell was born in Atlanta. In 1949, after a visit to the Fox theater run over while crossing Peachtree Street by a car and was fatally injured. She was buried in Oakland Cemetery here. It is a piece of history of Atlanta. Who wants to know more about her life, which I propose necessarily before a visit. There are daily tours of Tomorrow 9 to 5 clock clock in the afternoon on Sunday a little later.

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