Atlanta: One of the doors of America

Atlanta Airport, one of the world’s busiest, is the gateway to America for thousands of people each year and, in many cases, it is also the first stop on a tour of the country, which attracts more travelers who may actually deserve its tourist attractions. Still, the city has enough things to do to be part of our trip.

The truth is that the Olympic cities, in general, are special. In all I visited I found an open and cosmopolitan urban life and a strong enough attraction, complete with Olympic venues themselves, in many cases monuments in themselves. The only exception I’ve experienced to date, was Atlanta, which is disappointing tourist compared to Barcelona, Athens and Beijing, among many others.

In Atlanta I found the typical structure of many U.S. cities: a center of the city with great buildings dedicated to business and finance, but small, pretty empty outside the middle of the day and not recommended to visit by evening because it may be unsafe. Around this, the city extends into residential suburbs of greater or lesser degree. This means that the streets of downtown are covered in a few minutes and, on the outskirts, or not much to see or if there is any particular point of interest, visitors move to it directly, without any detour in the area.

Atlanta Center

The downtown, however, concentrated four interesting places in very little space: the headquarters of CNN, the World of Coca Cola, the Georgia Aquarium and Centennial Olympic Park. All of them, more modern, all located within a 800 meters radius. Not that they can all be visited in one day, but you can do in one morning and even left over time.

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