Chicago Deep Dish Pizza In Atlanta

I had a strong desire to make Deep Dish pizza, but I really I have no personal history with large cakes, the sauce on top. Never been to Chicago, I went to Uno Chicago Grill franchise once, and once visited Nancy in Buckhead (not impressed).

Naples (or tongue twisting neo-Neapolitan) pizza is my true love, but something buttery crust pastry filled with cheese and toppings, literally “cake”, call my name.

I Googled a recipe for Gino’s East (Chicago pizzeria I’ve heard, you know where), and, of course, please visit the website and a video details how to replicate it. Then I found another version of the framework. I followed the recipe for most of the variations of a lack of some ingredients and general forgetfulness.

I mixed the dough as described, if I did not have yellow food coloring. I also forgot to cornmeal. My dough was too sticky enough – you almost have to be moist but not sticky because of the large quantity of flour and oil. I leave in my oven until about 8:00 tonight when I made pizza.

The dough rises quickly and the texture will be highly inflated. I have yet to fall around lunchtime and let rise again.

My high-speed, standby pizza sauce is very easy. E ‘raw tomato sauce, which works well with a normal pizza, especially when cooking on high heat. When the pizza in Chicago, will prepare for a long time, I think the salsa cruda works even better.

It is simply a can of puree / crushed Roma tomatoes (you can crush whole tomatoes if you like), and garlic powder, onion powder, oregano, red pepper, and sometimes I use the Microplane add just a tablespoon of good Parmesan. Do not store the sauce in the refrigerator, or if something in the past, take it off after about an hour before cooking, let it come to room temperature.

For toppings, I bought sausages Tuscan regulatory Star. I cut them into obvious phallic character, then cooked them a few minutes on each side.

I used the Sargento cheese, this pizza. I think you’re going to get better results, such as mozzarella or fresh mozzarella in water. High humidity causes a lot of mozzarella break, and the pizza is too wet slices together.

I also bought some pepperoni Star regulations. It was just a little money for these 10 slices, so the sentence.

When I was ready to cook, I put my cast iron skillet with butter strongly. I rolled my dough did my best to throw consistently in the pan, then lined the sides. Start process layers of cheese. I have a uniform layer Sargento, then used a mozzarella cheese for an even layer of cheese.

After the cheese, I added the meat, so a good dose of sauce. Cooked pizza on bottom rack for about 40 minutes. I started at 350 as instructed, but it does not seem to be cooking fast enough, so I came up to 400 I also grilled for a minute before taking it out and let rest for twenty solid fifteen minutes.

You can see the faces torn apart, this makes it very easy to cut.

The pizza is very gloppy, even after 20 minutes of rest.

Some notes on this pizza:

  • Could have used more oil in the dough, corn flour, and could add more oil to skillet. Oil is your friend when it comes to this type of bark.
  • Probably could have used just a little less sauce, but the sauce was delicious
  • It was agreed that high quality peppers and sausage pizza was the turning point here – the quality was seen and all that he loved
  • Baking 350 is probably too low, the next time I’ll try a little higher all the time
  • Mon was delicious, everything I hoped it would be a real bomb pizza boy
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