Georgia’s Stone Mountain State Park, Atlanta

Georgia’s most popular tourist destination, which covers 3,200 hectares of park, lake and woods about 15 miles east of Atlanta proper. It is named after the mountain is connected. Even if large enough, is not an isolated piece of the world’s largest granite, exposed as some claim.

It is probably best known for his sculpture in low relief, which is indeed the largest in the world of Confederate President Jefferson Davis and Generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. Stone Mountain State Park is one of the main things to do in Atlanta for families. A number of fun, families and outdoor options include hiking trail adventure sky largest U.S..

Summit Skyride, which takes riders to the top of Stone Mountain offers a spectacular view of Atlanta and the Appalachians, is where the autumn leaves are turning. Are you dizzy heights, off Scenic Railroad takes a less direct but equally beautiful journey of five miles around the peak.

There is also a plantation before the war, a series of buildings preserved from the late 19 th century 18 to Georgia, highlighting what life was really planting. The park is open all year, but during the spring and fall, some of the attractions are open on weekends.

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