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The most successful hip-hop stars are often strikingly from Atlanta. Michael Schmelling has photographed rappers there who dream of success yet.

How easy everything is, and how well it looks like sometimes: In Atlanta, the capital of the State of Georgia, also known as “Hotlanta,” or capital of the American hip-hop known, the summers are very hot and winters rarely really cold.

The club called Club Ritz, Lavish Lounge, Pool Palace and Studio 72nd It may be, that between the pimped limos, the Chevrolets, Audis and Lamborghinis drives up a tuned tractor – here plays the city, which is over five million inhabitants, considerably smaller than the hip-hop cities of New York and Los Angeles, with its image as a provincial town.

The girls have to have a different way casual manner virtually nothing to the boys is the covenant of their pants at their lowest level since the music scene in Atlanta is so important in 1992: The duo Kriss Kross then brought the Jermaine Dupri-produced hit single Jump Jump out in the video could be the teenage rapper with upside-fitting jeans – from hopping to see and buttocks – on the codpiece.

Atlanta, City of Coca-Cola and CNN, is home to OutKast, Lil Jon and Usher, some of the most commercially successful pop stars of today, key figures in the Hip-Hop , the wonderfully strange, playful, Crazy names like Gucci Mane, Shawty Lo, Lil Scrappy, Ludacris and The-Dream. The Sound of Atlanta, also known as the Dirty South Crunk, or is, in comparison to the sounds of East Coast and West Coast particularly to experiment, as soulful, swinging than Fingerlickin good.


The hip-hop tycoon Atlanta tend to be deceptive fairy tale kings to stage, as an astronaut and wizards, they are the descendants of the seventies-P-Funk , Bootsy Collins King. Of the glamor of Atlanta: more muscle, color, gloss, gold, jewelry. Andre 3000 of OutKast like it in the wardrobe of the English dandy from the 19th Century (lilac-colored suit, melon) running around, from producer and rapper Lil Jon is told, he was wearing when he visit the strip clubs in Atlanta, a cup filled with precious stones around with him – what a theater!

Hip-hop is like no youth culture ever in the over-Ground, in the charts, arrived at the masses. The images of the New York photographer Michael Schmelling see the clubs and the streets from which pop his power moves of: those codes in dental gold, masks, tattoos, shaved eyebrows express do, that is why their effect because they are not just for anyone have deciphered. Schmelling photos look at the viewer with a wink – that is the spirit of hip-hop children of Atlanta: Look, we’re extra angry, wild, sexy, dangerous. But, hey, maybe all is not too serious.

At a gas station in Berlin-Wedding the other day you could see four homeboys standing around with hoodies and leather jackets in the slush and greeting each other with hip-hop gestures. That looked pretty good. Atlanta was far away. And wonderfully close.

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