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Last week, I was all the way through South Carolina to work, a journey that took me nearly a thousand miles across five cities. But I do not mind too much as an opportunity to eat and go to Charleston to Savannah Beach (Tybee) leaves one with few complaints. During my journey I seek a lot of “food drive” and places like hole-in-the-wall in small towns, but Charleston has always been the most exciting restaurants, and this year was not been different. I look forward to my meal in Remember the hotness new restaurant hyper-South James Beard winning chef Sean Brock.

If you follow the food (and let’s face it, you read a food blog of second order, you must be a fan), you have heard of the shell. They use ingredients available only south of the Mason-Dixon line, and local providers of micro-production are used whenever possible, and grains have long lost Civil War heritage have been revitalized in your kitchen. Together in a very clean version of her grandmother’s dining room. I would call it Southern Comfort with Billy Reid vest and bow tie.

A large part of my story began around their bourbon cocktail program heavy on the visit Wednesday night, I started with a cocktail of Julian. They had to change the Bourbons, because they were out of Van Winkle (15), they had passed, well. He was very well balanced and refreshing, although I drank roughly the same amount of time it took to do so. Did I mention that already has a steam room in this part of the country?

The bar (located in a building next to the main restaurant) only offers a limited appetizer menu and the main restaurant has no bar, so I had to put my name on a table for one. Do not eat at a table next to me, especially since I often feel that the server is disappointed when they realize it will not be immediately both in the forefront. Tonight was no exception.

Even though I waited for almost an hour you call my name, I had another cocktail and ordered the trout dip. Dip was nice, but sweet and crunchy homemade wheat thins won me over.

The bar was also involved in ham “Surry,” which in the sample, and it was pretty good. I do not know if it’s worth more than any other artisan ham of the South, but is still much cheaper than the options of Italian ham. The beam does not rotate the producers told me they had just finished CAW CAW country ham.

After my installation well in my buzz, restaurant bar to let me know my table on the terrace in front was clear. There are only six tables or more, the outdoor veranda on the second level was the place of choice for what had turned into a very pleasant evening Caroline. After quickly order a glass of Sancerre from the eccentric, the menu on the soil type classified wines, I chose soft shell crab and mussels as starters. I guess the kitchen was not told it was for a person who brought the two inputs at the same time, so I had to quickly decide which I eat while the others went cold. Starting with hot, fried crab makes sense.

I do not like the crisp, large variety of seafood and call again, but I’m crazy about the soft shell crabs. There is something Savage eat them, I feel the cruel giant among the inhabitants of the sea, as I ripped through the exoskeleton springs every bite. Show you should find a better place to shed the shell, my poor friend delicious.

A wood shoots of pea and ham soup with mussels country parsnip was my second choice. He played pretty damn good on paper, but the broth is salty beyond the point of this table. I took off the clams, but I can not say that I like, is a result of contact with the broth. I looked at sending them back, but I do not see the server until my entry came out.

When I was single, I was involved in a lot of time to make the landscape and the public is a bug, and I can not say that I really enjoy it. There was a guy has a big table on the patio at the end of the flip-flops and a t-shirt, which was hammered out and was shouting and swearing loudly. He thought that was pretty funny, and her two friends, even if they are trying to silence him after he became particularly intense.

I do not feel like I’m one too bent out of shape about the kind of thing, but I think he was upset all the side porch, because it was difficult for them to discuss the level of the normal amount. Not me, of course, but I was sitting at his direction, so I had nothing to do but sit there and watch this time jackoff. Sometimes he tried to break the jokes on people at the table next to her or try to hug the waiter … It ‘was pretty annoying. Since all knowledge and local printing of this cuisine, it is a series of peels may be on a daily basis? God, I hope not.

Which brings me to my main course – Fudge Farms Pork chop pork ears and blowing CAW CAW oatmeal. Cooked to perfection, this large piece of pork was amazing grazing inexplicably sprinkled hot sauce. I think I have a pork chop / hot sauce, but it is something I had planned on a big pig, spoon fried sandwich. The pungent aroma of vinegar was so strong, that’s all I could smell and taste through the entire plate, ruining my love affair with the potential of swine. I do not think the pig’s ear salad and beans climbing and large grains, vinegar-laced were brilliant.

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