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If you’re in Madison, one has the feeling that time has stopped. This small town dating back to the beginning of the 18th Century. Von Atlanta, take Hwy. 2 no exit to the 51st This road leads directly to Madison, a beautiful small town. Roak cotton merchants had settled here and elegant plantation homes built large. Much of the historic buildings still standing today was built between 1830 and 1860.

As 1864 General Sherman’s army on the disastrous march from Atlanta to Savannah (March to the Sea) all fire was in what he came in the way, went the route by Madison. Thanks to the then Senator’s Joshua Hill, who was a friend of Sherman’s brother, the city was spared. Joshua Hill has received General Sherman at the gates of the city where they met a gentlemen’s Agreement. The city was saved from total destruction, but everything was what to Madison, subject to General Sherman devastating march.

Today, H you walk through this historic area to make a beautiful and elegant architecture of the antebellum and Victorian homes admire. Some are also release to visit such as the Joshua Hill’s home in the 18th Century to the Old Post Road.

This small town is a delight and shows the richness of that time. Antiques, small shops, gift items and souvenirs are plentiful there.

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