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Marietta is located 20 minutes north of Atlanta. Easy on the Hwy 75 North signs descendants.

From the history

Marietta before the Civil War

Marietta is a very interesting small town that has arisen from the former railway line, the Western Atlantic Railroad, which in 1830 – was built in 1840. By Marietta railway had contact with all parts of the nation. It was built homes and businesses, hence the commercial city of Marietta, which was recognized in 1852 as a city. The business at that time consisted of tailor shops, bakeries, department stores, grocery stores, blacksmiths, gunsmiths, and several other small companies. Up came the hard times of the civil war and culminating with the occupation of the city by General Sherman’s troops on 4 had lost July 1864, and the South after a long struggle, the battle of Kennesaw Mountain. In November 1864 General Sherman had given orders to infect the city.

Noch today recalls the great soldiers cemetery where Confederate and Union soldiers are buried, at the time of the Civil War. Marietta is a paradise for the historian. Those interested in the civil war between north and south can learn directly from the Marietta Museum of the railway in Kennesaw House, the story of the hijacked locomotive during the attack on Marietta.

The development after the Civil War

After the war, Marietta grew very quickly. New businesses such as a paper mill, textile mills, marble works, etc. moved to the city. Around 1870 a new courthouse was built, schools, street lights, etc. in 1905 reversed an electric railway between Atlanta and Marietta and in 1926 the main road was built Old Highway 41 between these two cities, which brought many tourists and businesspeople to Marietta.

Lockheed-Martin Marietta

In 1941, Rickenbacker Field was (today Dobbins Air Force airport) south of Marietta built right next to the Bell Aircraft. During World War II there were B-29 bombers and built at a time when 28 000 people worked there. The Larry Bell Park (45 acre) was created in honor of the owner of the Bell Aircraft. The aircraft plant was shut down in 1946, but were put up after 5 years as a Lockheed-Georgia Company again. Since the time, the works of the B-47, C-130, C-141, C-5A C-5B and Jetstar aircraft (C-5A and C-5B, the largest transport aircraft in the western world) are built. Today, over 12,000 people at Lockheed and build the most modern combat aircraft in the world for the government. The company was acquired by Lockheed Martin Marietta and now known as Lockheed-Martin Marietta.

Today’s Marietta

The area around Marietta and the city itself offers a rich selection of entertainment, recreation and cultural opportunities.

Glover Park

Glover in the beautiful park in the heart of the city can recover. John H. Glover was the first mayor in 1852, he has given this piece of land the city and after him, this park was named. The Glover Park has been carefully restored under the supervision of architects, city fathers and interested citizens. With brick-paved walkways lead to a gasebo to statues, a fountain and a children’s playground. There is also a raised stage where you can listen to the many concerts for free. Or you can also one of the many restaurants in the Marietta Square stop off. The newly-appointed and enlarged ‘Theatre in the Square’ you can watch a play that all year has been praised across from theater critics.

Many galleries, gift shops, souvenirs, antiques and specialty shops are here restored old houses to see the. This small town is a typical American city like you see in old American movies.

White Water Theme Park

During the spring and summer months can be found in the popular and novel ‘White Water Theme Park’ on Cobb Parkway recover (Hwy 41 south). Visitors can here the whole day with the many fun attractions such as The Ocean of Atlanta. A pool of 2.5 million liters of water, and 1.5 m high artificial waves. There is also the Little Hooch, Atlanta’s Chattahoochee River named after, on the one half a mile long ‘float’ on a boat can. Especially fun to the high water slides and inflatable waterfalls and more.


If you like want to live in Marietta, again there is good chance to live in one of the many stylish new hotels or at one of the historic “Bed and Breakfast ‘. These are beautifully restored Victorian houses, which remind visitors of the past, but with all the comfort and good breakfast.

In the vicinity of Marietta

For those who liked to go to an amusement park, there is the well-known all over America Six Flags Over Georgia, a huge amusement park. Roller Coasters, musical programs (steppes, cowboy music, country & western music, pop music), an amphitheater and more. Over 100 spectacular travel opportunities. The latest achievement is a ghost train. Each year there is a new attraction. Six Flags over Georgia about 20 miles west of Hwy 20 towards Birmingham.

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