Reopen the museum of Coca-Cola in Atlanta

Here’s a story to mark the calendar for all fans of the Coca-Cola: next May 24 will open to the public the new World of Coca-Cola Museum in Atlanta (Georgia), with a great opening ceremony which will start at 12:00.

The new museum will be twice the size and will house about 1,200 artifacts ever shown in public before now. Only 50 of the artifacts displayed in the old museum will be replicated in the new. There are also interactive exhibits, such as a 4-D cinema and a gallery dedicated to Coke and pop culture, which at the opening will showcase the works of Andy Warhol. Finally, the main attractions are: a functioning bottling line that you can see it in action and the chance to taste up to 50 different Coke products from around the world. The new museum was also built a store to buy ever-present gadget of all types and price.

The old World of Coke Museum, located at Underground Atlanta, opened its doors in August 1990 with a resounding success. Over the years it has hosted more than 13 million visitors excited about the collection of artifacts of the Coca-Cola. The old building was sold by the Coca-Cola Company to the state of Georgia.

Many things have changed in the last 17 years, we read on the official website, consumers have changed, our marketing has evolved and many new products were launched. The World of Coca-Cola is changing to reflect the Coca-Cola Company today.

The new World of Coca-Cola is located at Pemberton Place (named after the pharmacist who invented Coca-Cola in 1886), a complex of 20 acres located on the corner of Baker Street and Centennial Olympic Park Drive. The Museum shares this space with the Georgia Aquarium. The address is: 121 Baker St., Atlanta, GA 30313. The tickets cost $ 15 and can be purchased online.

Meanwhile, in this video you can “enjoy” the beauty of the old museum…

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