Stone Mountain Park Atlanta

Atlanta is a city known for its large multinational corporations. In fact just to stay at a Holiday Inn, or take one of his most famous soft drinks, while taking a flight on Delta or simply when we look at CNN’s Atlanta receives a fixed amount of cents in their favor.

Atlanta, the state of Georgia is just eight hours drive from Orlando. Was a great growth during the twentieth century, but Atlanta is not only a business city with skyscrapers also has a circuit to the smallest, which means that if you need to travel for work you can think about bringing the whole family.

The Stone Mountain Park, open all year is a large mountain made of granite with a base of eight kilometers and its height of 251 meters. A stunning marvel for both large and small with activities varies according to season. Their website provides all the information an online event calendar. In a small way of giving advance information times warm summer or the Sky Hike, has three floors with suspension bridges where you can climb. Then have a rope routine whose height reaches the treetops.

For beginners ture is 3.50 meters, the other can reach higher always closed shoes and secured with harnesses. The fast lane Sky ride cable leads to the summit of the mountain is also open all year. At night, deploys a laser show with fireworks and music. This is a show that runs throughout the year except during winter. The Journey to the Center of the Earth is the first cinema 4d operating in Georgia.

Winter also has its appeal because the base of the mountain is covered with two hundred tons of snow thanks to the latest technology equipment for tubing in rubber rafts and inflatable jump from 121 meters in ten tracks that descend to the base after rising for two mechanical lifts. There is also a snow play area and tennis with plastic sleds for children under three years. About lodging can be found inside and outside the park Stone Mountain from Atlanta to a value from seventy dollars a night.

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