TechAmerica President Testifies before Senate Subcommittee on Using Technology to Improve Agency Efficiency; Spark Innovation to Keep America Competitive

On behalf of member companies nationwide, Phil Bond, President of TechAmerica, testified this afternoon before the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Subcommittee on Federal Financial Management, Government Information, Federal Services, and International Security hearing on “Government 2.0: Advancing America into the 21st Century and a Digital Future.” The hearing examined ways the Federal government can utilize information technology to cost-effectively improve agency operations, spark innovation, interact with citizens more effectively, ensure transparency, and reduce energy use. In his testimony, Bond highlighted the opportunities within government to increase the use of new technologies and management practices based on the concepts of collaboration, transparency, and connection.

“TechAmerica believes that the federal government, as well as its state and local partners, have important roles to play in spurring further innovation in, and adoption of, these technologies,” Bond said in his testimony. “The Committee should consider ways to further encourage acquisition and use of new communications tools and adoption of management practices to help governments be more responsive to citizens, employees, and other stakeholders. The Committee can also play a critical role in reducing stovepipes and barriers within the Federal government that slow down the adoption of these newer technologies.”

Bond also cited examples of Web 2.0 technologies built into many social media, software, and networking sites and applications as another engine of economic growth and job creation that has made our economy and technology sector the most dynamic, innovative, and competitive in the world.

“The United States, led by the federal government, should continue to push the envelope in areas of computer science where we hold market leadership,” Bond continued. “Driving continued innovation is an important priority for TechAmerica and our members.”

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