The Atlanta History Center

If you want to immerse yourself in history and traditions of Georgia, this is the right place!

The museum itself contains permanent exhibits on the Civil War, the traditions of Georgia, the story of Atlanta, the Olympics, the golfer Booby Jones. And also temporary exhibitions.

But hiding behind the museum several treasures, gathered in a magnificent park.

During your trips in this park, you pass through several gardens containing the entire Georgian flora in small shady valleys ideal for picnics. One of the centerpieces of this park is home to Swan. Authentic Victorian mansion, you will enjoy the charms of life of the wealthy families of Georgia, as they were before the Civil War, and still remain as an absolute reference to the notable Georgians today.

The History Center also offers visiting the Tullie Smith Farm and its animals. The life of a peasant family in Georgia in the mid-nineteenth century. Ideal for children.

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