The World of Coca Cola, or “Learn a lesson in international marketing easy to understand”

Exhausted by long hours standing, waiting in the cold and wind, but under the sun, and with ears battered by the humming of the engines, we decided to visit the “World of Coca Cola.” Of course, there were several reasons for this.

First, anyone who knows that Atlanta is the “Home Town of Coca Cola.” Some evidence:

World headquarters (there are national headquarters) in Atlanta, right next to Georgia Tech (like 50 meters)

All trucks are marked Coca Cola in Atlanta on the door (this picture, it is unclear, but I have other photos that show, and first, if you believe me, it too bad for you!)

Then we were told we could drink a whole assortment of Coke, some of which were specific to certain markets, so this was an opportunity to taste the madness chelouds cool stuff. Otherwise, the museum will close soon to reopen elsewhere, but after we left. And finally, there was next, so as to make…

So let’s start at the beginning. First, we come to the World of Coca Cola, which does not claim the title of the museum, because if it were a museum, there is no one. I love the part of the museum. In the photo, I think it looks very European: no Skyscraper (Kid, I was disappointed by Paris who had none, now I can not stand it), monuments that look old A kind of agora, with pedestrians on it, … In fact, the neighborhood, called underground, a bit like Les Halles (but more craignos)

As was St. Patrick, there were a lot of people. That said, Americans are much disciplined, and the tail came very quickly, especially since I had my camera. So I played the artist. Well, actually, the photos are not artistic, but never mind. So we have a trumpet player, who has done everything from classical classics (Not the Ave Maria Gounaud, things like pop and jazz)

Then, it was a portrait of Elise (I like the photo, but it has nothing to do with WOCC, I admit)

And finally, a self-portrait, which has something to do with WOCC (photo and explanation )

I took a photo of a truck’s hubcap Promotional new drink Coke, Vault. We had lots of Vault to wait. There are two flavors, lemon and berry chemical powder. The lemon is not bad at all, but I lost the bottle of berry that has given me, she slipped out of my bag before I could taste it, but hey, it had already fallen before, so I imagine it would squirt all over the place when I had open. It saved me m’asperger Vault, so.

In short, let us return to our sheep, as said Panurge. So like I said, it was the feast of St. Patrick, so there were a lot of people in downtown, and apparently we were not alone in having had the idea to visit the WOCC. In the tail, a gentleman told us at Coca various and varied things to make us wait. Gender, the pharmacist who created coca sold 8 per day at first, now they sell more than 2000 per second. Or, coca cola was invented by accident! Well, I break the suspense, mixing what I learned later, but never mind: at first, it was called the “French Wine Coca,” but one day one of the vendors was wrong, and was mixed with Coke syrup soda water, because before it looked like some grenadine!

So we finally get in, and immediately after paying the ticket, you climb to the top of the building. A brief history of the drink, the people who mattered, especially Mr. Woodruff, who gave his name to the “‘s Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering, and has really developed the brand. Short videos show the power of the Coca Cola at the time of the year 40-50, and the marketing genius of these people.

Because what is really impressive and interesting in this museum is the description of the marketing strategy. From the beginning, everything was based on that. For example, to sell to the French, they made calendars with young women in physical endorsement, and provided the timetable in exchange for sales Coca Cola. Similarly, they offered a lot of goodies for the best selling points, the magnificent style lamps.

Typically, this image has been very successful:

Entire advertising campaigns have been conducted on the themes of bathers drinking Coca Cola

Despite my insistence, Elise did not want to put in a bikini for the camera.

Finally, if I summarize this part, and Elise is in complete agreement with me, what is impressive is that before selling the drink, they sold a concept and an image. From the early 20th century, Coca Cola has sought to communicate the fact that it was a refreshing drink nonalcoholic, which suited very well to all socio-professional categories, while having a logo and bottle shape clearly identifiable.

Then we arrive in the area of more traditional pubs: Father Christmas

And polar bears

After going through the community versions of Coke ads (for Hispanics and African Americans), we could see a small retrospective of television commercials. Then you enter in the Coke in the world today, with an impressive collection of cans of Coke from around the world. France is surprisingly absent, especially after the first part of the visit where it was omnipresent.

The visit concludes with the step “we taste.”

Step interesting, which allowed us to Elise and I discover new flavors, like tangerine fanta, very good (Germany) and Fanta Melon (China), very good too. Other beverages have different tastes … bizarre to say the least, as this drink with apple, for Mexico, but were not a taste of apple.

Finally, the output is made by Coca shop (as we told the gentleman at the beginning, Coca took courses at Disney), which is huge. It has bought two pretty postcards.

That is, the visit is completed. We spent two hours, and it’s worth it. It is in our view, a call to make.

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