Try the Southern food

If you want to experience true southern cuisine, breakfast at a Waffle House and order “grits” (a hot meal made with corn flour) to accompany your eggs and bacon.

The grits are eaten with lots of butter, salt and pepper as a side dish for breakfast. Other specialties include barbecue Southeast and southern “soul food” or soul food. Soul food is traditional African American food, which uses lots of chicken and pork, as well as very special recipes for preparing vegetables typical. Corn breads and biscuits accompany most soul food, usually served with some sauce or gravy.

At about sixteen miles east of downtown Atlanta will find the Stone Mountain State Park , the largest granite monolith in the world. It is well known for the equestrian sculpture of three Generals of the Confederacy during the Civil War are engraved on it. The park is open year round from 6 am until midnight. Stone Mountain’s attractions include a laser show, a plantation before the Civil War, a railroad, a complex of river boats, a beach resort with water slides, as well as a cable car and many areas of natural beauty . In this park you can camp.

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