Husk Restaurant in atlanta

Last week, I was all the way through South Carolina to work, a journey that took me nearly a thousand miles across five cities. But I do not mind too much as an opportunity to eat and go to Charleston to Savannah Beach (Tybee) leaves

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Wonderful holiday in Atlanta

Atlanta is known as the capital of the new south, and is that your trip can visit you in many companies, the most influential worldwide. The most succinct is that of Coca-Cola, which has its headquarters in this city and an amazing exh

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The Atlanta History Center

If you want to immerse yourself in history and traditions of Georgia, this is the right place! The museum itself contains permanent exhibits on the Civil War, the traditions of Georgia, the story of Atlanta, the Olympics, the golfer B

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The Virginia Highland

North East of Virginia Highland" is a small, secluded and quiet area, both perfect for walking, shopping like for output. Decorating store a little hippy chic to punk tattoos, there is a bit of everything that is trendy. The nightlife

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The Downtown of Atlanta

The "downtown" is a district of skyscrapers or adjacent jurisdictions, hotels, restaurants and luxury shops. The State Capitol, seat of government of Georgia, is a neoclassical building recognized by its gold dome. Among the skyscrap

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