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Child Development 101: What Parents Should Know About Fine Motor Skills

A crucial part of early childhood development is developing gross and fine motor skills. Gross motor skills are movements involving the large muscles in the legs and arms, and it’s these muscles that enable babies to turn over, sit up, walk and crawl. Fine motor skills, on the other hand, are movements involving the small

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Alternatives for Drying Compressed Air

Atmospheric air is naturally moist. It contains a higher water content at elevated temperatures compared to low temperatures. This fact will have a significant impact on your air compression because when the air is compressed, the moisture content in it rises with a temperature rise. While this might sound inconsequential, moisture inside your air compressors

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The Dangers of Working in Heavy Industries

Most of us do not work in heavy industry but have an idea that it’s probably more dangerous than what we’re used to. Being a teacher, for example, might ruin your sanity, but accidents involving heavy machinery or chemical spills are minimal. Despite the differences in output, every heavy industry has one thing in common:

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Why It Is Time to Automate HR Case Management

Employees are among the biggest assets of a company. Without their contributions, it is unlikely that any company could achieve any success that it currently has. Hence, it is important to hear out the concerns of employees and make sure that they are well looked after in the company. However, in many companies, the process

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Plastic: Is it a Yay or Nay?

Many environmentalists assert that plastic is the ultimate evil in destroying the planet. Indeed, heaping volumes of plastic waste are produced every year, making it a serious global concern. Plastic is also not easy to avoid because of its extensive usage and distribution, from food packaging to residential furnishings. However, is plastic as bad as

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The Cloud: Your Go-to Project Management Solution

In recent years, cloud technology has been prevalently utilized in the IT solutions of numerous companies and organizations. In fact, over 60% of businesses reportedly incorporate cloud solutions to implement and manage their projects. Project management refers to the process of applying a synergy of procedures, knowledge, skills, expertise, and methods to attain a certain