Understanding the Knowledge Gap in SEO

Any business owner hears about SEO almost every day. It’s part of how they market their business, especially if they are operating online. And in a world where the majority is connected and reliant on the Internet, who wouldn’t be running their business online? SEO is your friend, but the level of friendship varies from business to business. Long story short: if SEO is just an acquaintance, your other friends might be giving you the wrong information and taking advantage of the knowledge gap to make you pay for things you don’t need.

Robocall Scams Aplenty

Robocall schemes are the best way to look at how expensive your lack of SEO knowledge can be. They will tell you believable lies to reel you in, and the goal is for you to sign up for their services. They start with a small fee to test if you are as pliant as they hope. Then, you’ll find yourself being forwarded to one department after another in a bid to “fix” your Google listing. They say that your listing is under threat of being removed due to non-compliance, and that sense of urgency makes you give your credit card details. Those who know how SEO works will hang up, but because you know nothing aside from the fact that SEO is essential to business, you stay on the line and believe everything that they say.

Figuring Out Your Allies

With robocall schemes becoming more adamant and rampant, it seems hard to trust third-party companies. But don’t close your doors and mind to help. You can find an SEO company in Utah that wants to keep their integrity intact as much as you want to keep your business online and in Google’s good graces. These SEO companies will not transact with you purely by phone; they have a legitimate business going, and they will not be afraid to meet you personally. They will also help you understand the process even before you pay anything.

In contrast, scammers will not give you anything, and although deception is everywhere, con artists use fake or generic names so that you will not easily find them. To figure out who your allies are, make sure that they have a social media presence and listen to their pitch to know if they’re following a script. Scammers tend to talk a lot, but if you listen to what they’re saying, they’re only repeating the same information.

Make Your Company Less Vulnerable

Team in a meeting
It’s understandable that you’ll be scared into submission to the requests of scammers. They’re informing you of an immediate problem that can easily be fixed for a fee. Isn’t that how most businesses thrive? The easiest way to avoid this kind of situation is to contact a trusted SEO agency yourself. With their help in making sure you are compliant with Google’s policies, the chances of you being a victim of scams get lower. Should you receive a suspicious call, you can easily tell them you’ll ask your team to look into it. Your team should already be on top of matters like this as part of their job anyway. The knowledge gap will not be a liability if you understand that you don’t know the process and have decided to delegate it to someone who does.

Running a business is risky by nature. With scammers everywhere, you’re at greater risk if you continue to remain ignorant of SEO and its importance.

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