Build Your Legal Career Early: How to Prepare for Law School

So, you’ve decided to pursue a degree in law: congratulations! Any effort to pursue a postgraduate degree is commendable. But becoming a lawyer is a calling that only a select group of people can heed to.

You’ve probably started searching for law schools and reviewing for entrance exams. But, have you already thought about preparing yourself emotionally and intellectually? You’ve perhaps binge-watched How to Get Away with Murder and memorized all the cases on Law and Order. But have you done any preparations for what’s about to come?

It may be too early to start reading up on cases or start making notes. But if you want to be law-school ready, here are a few tips and tricks to help you prepare better:

Sharpen Your Reading Comprehension Skills

Whether you’re planning to become a child custody lawyer or a human rights attorney in Colorado Springs or Kenya, you are required to study all facets of law.

During the first year of law school, you’ll probably do more reading than you’ve ever done in your entire life. Typically, freshman law students need to digest and summarize tons of cases. Since this will be the majority of your course load, reading fast is a skill you need to master before the first day of school.

Reading fast, however, isn’t enough. Comprehension is just as important as fast reading skills are worthless if you didn’t understand what you read. Before your semester even starts, try sharpening your reading and comprehension skills by reading academic journals or even case digests online. That way, you’ll be somewhat prepared for the amount of reading you’ll have to do in law school.

Learn to Love Studying

man studying next to gavelThis can be a tough one since you probably breezed through your undergraduate degree in a sleep-deprived, coffee-induced haze. You’ll have to fall in love with the process of studying because this might be the only thing you’ll be doing the majority of the time. If you managed to finish your undergrad degree without really having to exert a lot of effort, then you’ll have to adjust your mindset in law school.

Also, it’s best to devise a studying plan. Incorporate your class schedules into that plan once you get them. Time will be extremely valuable in law school, so you need to learn to spend every minute wisely.

Don’t Panic

While reading this, you’re probably thinking of how unprepared you are. But you’ll never be prepared enough once you start worrying too much. So, prepare what you can and leave the rest to fate. The most important thing is to find something that motivates you, which you can always turn to when the going gets tough.

Your law school dreams await! It may be a challenge for many, but you’ll surely have a lot of fun while you’re at it, especially if you have prepared for it. Soon enough, you’ll have that coveted job title you’ve always envisioned.

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