What Digital Marketing Newbies Should Know about SEO

SEO (search engine optimization) is a strategic marketing tool being used by companies or businesses engaged in digital marketing. Mainly because SEO is often cost-free despite being a very powerful tool to attract new customers compared to traditional marketing, like print or advertising. SEO makes sure that the people you’re sending your message to are people who are actually interested in the product or idea you’re selling.

The terms and processes of SEO can be overwhelming, especially for anyone who is just starting out. In Utah, many SEO consultants and experts define it as the art of increasing the quality and quantity of people visiting your company website by organic search engine results. here are some SEO fundamentals you need to know when you want to enter digital marketing.

Quantity and Quality of Traffic

Obviously, this doesn’t refer to how many cars are on the road or what type of cars are there. ‘Traffic’ in the search engine world refers to people visiting your website or your target market. Quantity of traffic is important since a large number of people coming to view your website means more chances of acquiring sales. However, if there are a lot of people on your website but have no interest in the product you’re selling, the marketing is considered to be ineffective. This is why the quality of traffic is the most important thing to consider in SEO.

Before increasing the number of people visiting your website, you have to make sure that the people your website is attracting are people that are potential customers.

‘Organic’ Search Results

Google Search

In terms of food, we’re told that organic is always better right? Organic results are also better in SEO because organic search engine results are gained through effective SEO. When you enter a term or question into search engines like Google, the first page is often comprised of organic search results and ‘non-organic’ search results, which are paid advertisements.

Usually, ‘non-organic’ search results are the ones that appear on top of the page as the first result. The role of SEO is to penetrate search engine results without the use of paid advertising.


It’s one thing to produce articles or graphics that will surely show up in search results or inquiries by users, but it’s an entirely different thing to create quality content that also serves the purpose of marketing. Although it’s much better to consult with a consultant, the most important thing to remember when you’re starting out in SEO writing is that search engines will put quality above all else. Search engines would like to provide quality answers or content to their users. Therefore, the quality of the content you’re creating for SEO, whether it’s articles, videos, or photos, should be relevant and actually useful to people who might visit your website.

‘White Hat’ vs. ‘Black Hat’ SEO

Ethical marketing is at the forefront of all marketing efforts. Whether it’s online or in the traditional channels, marketing agents and content creators should ensure that what they’re doing is ethical. ‘White hat’ SEO refers to SEO techniques that are generally ethical, which means that they follow the search engine guidelines and producing high-quality content that will actually be of value for users.

Black Hat’ SEO, on the other hand, refers to SEO techniques that increase a website’s rank in search engines by breaking the search engine’s guidelines. This includes spamming a site’s comments sections or including too many keywords on a single page. The term ‘black hat’ refers to how these practices are usually unethical or prohibited by search engines.

SEO can be a very interesting and effective way to market your company or business. Learning about the basics can help you get a good grip on how you can make it work best for your website.

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