Creating A Secure Office Space: Gadgets You Need To Be Safe At Work

Accidents can happen anytime at work. However, with proactive ways, we can prevent accidents and decrease the likelihood of their occurrence. In 2019, authorities reported at least 5,000 workers died from a work-related injury in the United States. This statistics is a two percent increase from the previous year. There are also nonfatal occupational injuries and illnesses in the private sector that add up to 2.8 million cases.

Statistics identified four major causes of accidents at work and labeled these incidents as the ‘Fatal Four.’ According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the four major causes of office deaths include Falls, Struck by an Object, Electrocutions, and Caught-in or Caught-between cases. Many employees fall on the side or holes in improperly constructed walking or working surfaces without protection. Some may also die after a falling or misplaced object hits them. Some got electrocuted by exposed wiring or while in a wet environment. Some may also get caught in between machines, devices, or tools is also a significant cause of death.

Here are tools and gadgets that an office should possess to protect everybody in the vicinity.

Back braces

Also called back supports, back braces have been an office staple for grocery store clerks, airline baggage handlers, and warehouse workers across industries. Even with a lack of scientific support on its efficacy, workers still wear this support to add protection to the spine. It is also for injury reduction, among other body parts.

Ergonomic Supplies

Ergonomic supplies not only make workers feel extra comfortable at work, but they are also there to protect them from long-term muscular disorders. Sitting in the office for long hours is bad for our spine and bones. Thus, we need chair cushions, and laptop stands to help us adjust to a more comfortable sitting or standing position. Document stands, monitor stands, monitor glare filters, and mouse pads also make movement more comfortable.

Fire alarm

Fire alarms relay fire alerts more efficiently than word of mouth or through a microphone. With a fire alarm, workers can quickly respond to a fire incident and react accordingly. Big cities like New York may have a higher likelihood of office fires. Thus, if you live in the area, consider getting in touch with a commercial security alarm installation company that can give you the best commercial security systems. You may also ask for other security systems such as premises access control, video surveillance, water, entry alarms, energy management of HVAC systems, and remote status alerts and management.

First Aid Kit

The office should be a haven where anybody feels protected. The presence of a first aid kit may feel everybody at ease as there are readily available supplies to help them in times of emergencies. Typical stuff that one can find in a first aid kit includes bandages, cold packs, and disinfectants.


Every office space has a blind corner that may partially or fully block a person’s view. Workers may forget about these crucial spots because they are in a hurry or preoccupied with other thoughts. Mirrors are helpful additions to the current office layout in preventing accidents in hallways and other areas workers usually meet and collide.

warning sign

Warning Signs

Warning signs are the saviors to each worker in an office. Nobody would bother alerting others of a wet bathroom or an area with exposed wiring on a regular busy day. With warning signs, the management can easily convey these crucial areas and save everybody from a fatal accident.


Flashlights are rather inconspicuous devices that can save everybody from tripping in the dark in case of a power outage. Employees should have a handful of batteries ready to get flashlights working.


Cleaning up a workspace can get messy, and thus workers need gloves for extra protection again bodily fluids and even harmful chemicals.


Reaching an object on top of a filing cabinet may be both cumbersome and risky. Thus, workers need ladders and stepstools to guarantee safety when getting something in hard-to-reach areas.

Safety should be a priority in every workplace. One should gather these devices and ensure that they are working efficiently. Everybody in the office should also take regular preventive measures to prevent accidents proactively.

Remove hazards such as weak spots, loose carpeting in hallways, unsteady shelves before they can harm anybody near them. Staff members must also receive regular training on safety procedures. Conducting fire drills regularly, tornado/hurricane drills, and other disaster training may help employees automatically and sensibly react to emergencies. As there are no perfect offices and management styles, the administration must continuously review and improve safety practices.

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