Amicable Separation: Is it Possible?

Let’s face facts: divorce isn’t easy. There’s a lot of pressure, fees, and unresolved issues that play into a divorce even after the court decision has been finalized, and these things can only fester with time, preventing both parties from successfully moving on.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. There are cases where a separation is peaceful and agreeable enough that it goes off without a hitch, and both parties are free from their legal obligations to one another and go on with their lives. It’s called an amicable divorce, and if you’re looking to make one happen for your marriage, here are some things you’ll need to go about it.


Okay, we know that having lawyers involved almost always signals that things have gone from bad to worse, but that’s not always the case. If you’re looking for an amicable divorce, having a lawyer involved is highly advisable (and easy too, look at all the divorce attorneys in Rio Rancho) due to their expertise about how the process will go. Refining how you get divorced can get a huge weight off the both of your shoulders.

Another reason why a lawyer should be involved is that they can help settle legal obligations between the two of you much easier. Even if you and your soon-to-be-ex have decided on how things like property and custody should be settled, it’s crucial to have a lawyer present to make everything official. After all, paperwork is still a thing.


Couple having counseling

The next step that you should be taking is counseling. Not to get back together, but to understand the circumstances of why it was necessary for you and your spouse to break things off, to begin with. There are so many things that go unresolved in divorce proceedings that it can be challenging to process them, and counseling can go a long way when it comes to helping you and your partner move past things.

Counseling can also help you sort out your issues about yourself: namely, the ones that may have contributed to the relationship running into difficulties. There are also court-mandated counseling sessions that you might have to attend before the divorce is finalized, which can offer you further help in dealing with this situation.


Finally, an amicable divorce can only happen if the two parties are agreeable enough to each other to let things go without a fight or any mess of some kind; and this is only possible if they’re transparent, honest, and kind with each other. Even if counseling can offer some possible way of greasing the wheels to a better break up, it will ultimately rely on the two people whether or not they want to make that happen.

It’s important to realize that your spouse, no matter what difficulties you faced in your relationship is also another person with their wants and needs. The point of any divorce is not to make sure that someone “wins” or gets ahead when it comes to the breakup, but rather to provide two people with the chance to try again at a relationship, even if it’s not with each other.

And at its heart, amicable divorces are really like that — learning how best to let go and move on.

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