Automobile Accidents: Back Injuries to Watch Out For

Automobile accidents happen every single day, and one of the most common injuries resulting from them are back injuries. Even a minor car accident can result in back injuries since the human body is simply not designed to hold up that well to tremendous impact. Because of this, unfortunately, even a minor injury to the back can negatively affect your daily activities. If you are involved in a car accident, immediately contact your personal injury lawyer in Utah, most preferably one from reputable law firms such as William R. Rawlings & Associates.

Anatomy of the Human Spine

The human spine can be categorized into three different areas. These include your neck or cervical vertebrae, upper back or thoracic vertebrae, and lower back or lumbar vertebrae. Nerves, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and discs surround each of these sections and your spinal cord. When you injure them, it might result in mild to debilitating pain that can be temporary or permanent.

Injuries to the Spinal Cord

In general, injuries to the spinal cord are considered the most severe. Spinal cord injuries range from typical bruises and significant pressure to permanent nerve and spinal cord damage, which results in long-term disability. These injuries typically lead to partial or total paralysis, loss of reflexes, and loss of feeling in specific body areas. Additionally, depending on the particular injury type or treatment, you might also have an increased risk of developing complications including blood clots, infection, spinal fluid leaks, pneumonia, and bleeding.

Injuries to the Upper Back

Injuries to the upper back or thoracic spine can also be extremely serious since your upper back connects to your chest and rib area. Fractures and sprains in this specific region are usually due to high-impact vehicle accidents, which might lead to permanent damage to the nerves.

Injuries to the Discs

Some auto accidents can result in herniated discs. The discs basically act as a cushion for safeguarding your spine and separating your vertebrae. In the event that they become displaced, they become herniated discs. Usually, herniated discs put excessive pressure and stress on the spinal cord. When you have a herniated disc, you feel an intense and sudden pain in your lower back, as well as numbness in your legs.

Injuries to the Lower Back

Woman suffering from lower back pain from the accident

Your lumbar spine or lower back is composed of the strongest muscles and biggest vertebrae to ensure your spine’s stability. Hence, a strain or sprain on your lower back can prove especially painful and problematic. Injury to your lower back can lead to bruising, swelling, tenderness, and reduced mobility that might severely affect your ability to do even simple daily tasks.

With back injuries resulting from auto accidents, it’s vital to remember that you might experience symptoms right away since the post-incident surge of endorphins can sometimes eclipse pain. This means that you should be on the lookout for any unusual sensations or discomfort. Have yourself evaluated by a medical professional following your accident, especially if you feel any kind of back pain. Aside from the cost of your treatment, how your back injury will affect your daily life, which is a key element of pain and suffering damage awards, might be a vital factor in your auto accident lawsuit or insurance claim.

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