Can a Family Counselor Help You?

The family unit is one of the most important social groups protected by law. Unfortunately, as essential as it is, specific conflicts cannot be prevented. Hence, family counselors are here to help you with difficult and quite stressful family dilemmas.

Personal and Interpersonal Issues

While there is no specific law in Townsville that caters to family matters, the Family Law Act 1975 serves as the principal code that helps you with that.

Now, according to subsection A of section 10B of the act, a family counselor can help you with both personal and interpersonal issues related to your marriage. This may or may not include problems with controllingness, lack of investment, and emotional unavailability in your marriage.

It is, however, essential to remember that personal and interpersonal issues can still be resolved within the walls of your home. Open up to your spouse about your conflicts and actively try to address each of these problems. If worse comes to worst and both of you have agreed you need an outsider’s help, find a counselor or law firm that specializes in family laws to avoid further disagreements.

Child Custody Decisions

If there’s anything worse and more stressful than dealing with problems within your married life, it’s deciding who will have full custody over your children.

Of course, more often than not, both parties would fight to have their children stay with their side. However, it involves too much time and effort that you’re going to need professional help. Luckily, the Family Law Act 1975 also stated that a family counselor covers issues about the care of children.

Even better, the Family Law Act 1975 is also considered to be a gender-neutral act. Therefore, it doesn’t make presumptions about the roles of each parent, and the best interests of the children are prioritized.

Concerning child custody decisions, the act also helps those who are affected by the separation in terms of personal and interpersonal issues. Hence, counselors don’t just help the marriage, but also all those who have involvement with the family.

Application for Parenting Orders

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Speaking of the best interests of the children, family counselors can help you should you need assistance in applying for Parenting Orders.

A Parenting Order gives you — or anyone concerned with the welfare of the child — the right to support and guide. This Court Order is issued to prevent any complications in the social or mental behaviors that may happen to the child when family predicaments occur.

However, while anyone may be given this Order, it’s not so easy to satisfy the threshold test of the Court, especially if you don’t have the assistance of a family counselor. Your counselor can and will help you prove that there is a meaningful relationship between you and the child.

Counselors Help Preserve Your Family Relationships

Although avoidable, not every family is perfect, and you might have to settle things separately. To make matters a little less damaging for your family, don’t hesitate to seek the help of a family counselor. Who knows? Maybe they could help you save your relationships?

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