Parenting Advice: Helping Children Develop Self-esteem

Many children are struggling to cope with the mental stress caused by the pandemic. Young children became clingy, inattentive, and had poor appetites. It also caused them to feel lonely and anxious. Even though the virus had little effect on their physical health, it affected the mental and psychosocial health of the children.

With this, parents should build up their self-esteem while waiting for the new school year to open. They can work on the emotional and behavioral health of the children so that they can handle setbacks and peer pressure when the children go back to school. Here are some ways the parents can build up the self-esteem of their children.

Understand Healthy Self-esteem

Self-esteem is how children see and think of themselves. It is also what the children think they can do. Self-esteem stems from the support and love the children receive from their family and close friends. The encouragement that the teacher gives also plays a role in the self-esteem of the children.

Healthy self-esteem does not mean that the children think that they are the center of everything. It should also not equate to feeling entitled and arrogant. To avoid this situation, parents should provide their children with virtues like kindness, empathy, charity, a sense of gratitude, and good manners.

Demonstrate Unconditional Love

The parents should also show their children how much they love them. This will give the children a feeling of belonging and security, which is important in helping them positively view themselves. It also lets them see how they can form healthy relationships when they become adults.

While the children are still young, the parents should show unconditional love for them. They should also express this love every day. The love that the parents show will help the children create their circle of friends and form bonds with other people. It allows them to be confident in dealing with people outside of their family.


Let Them Learn Independence

When the school year starts, the parents should let their children learn to be independent. They shouldn’t become helicopter parents since the children will only become too dependent on them. The only way parents can let their children learn independence and boost their self-esteem is to let them learn to be independent. They need to learn it to prepare them for middle school, where they spend more time alone. At this point, they can also help their younger siblings, and the parents can give them more responsibilities at home.

The parents should also let them work on their assignments on their own and make sure they pack their soccer uniforms before they go to practice. The children can also learn how to deal with their online classes if the school decides to continue with the program during the coming school year.

Parents can enroll their children in after-school care programs where they can mingle with other children their age. These programs allow the children to develop skills and increase their confidence levels.

Train Them to Be Responsible

Parents can also give their children chores that are appropriate for their age. When the children complete their chores, they have a sense of fulfillment. This builds up their confidence, which is good for their self-esteem.

The parents should also show their appreciation for their effort if they cannot perform the chores perfectly. Instead, they should reassure them and teach them how to do it. They should also tell the children that they can do better the next time. When the children have chores, they can feel that they can control their lives. The parents can increase their responsibilities over time.

Look for Teachable Moments

Parents can also use any setbacks or mistakes that the children make as teachable moments. They should tell their children that making mistakes makes them human. The children can look at these mistakes as opportunities for them to improve and grow.

This is important as the children prepare for the coming school year. They will learn a lot of new things, especially if the schools start on-site classes. Parents should be patient with their children whenever they make mistakes. This can help build their confidence and teach them that mistakes do not mean it is the end of the world.

Play with Them

Playing with the children shows them that their parents value their company. Having fun with children benefits both the parents and the children. It builds a bond between the children and their parents. It also makes the children happy, which prevents anxiety and depression.

Building children’s self-esteem can be challenging, but it can be rewarding once the children become confident about themselves

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