Email Hacks: How to Get Customers to Read Your Messages

People get hundreds of emails every day and often, half of these emails don’t get read because most individuals just don’t have the time. So, if you’re planning to use email and direct marketing to promote your business in London, it’s important that you figure out ways to get customers to open and actually read your messages. Here are some tips and tricks to help you out.

Make your subject line stand out

It’s a fact: people have short attention spans. This means if your email has a vague or boring subject line, it will most likely be overlooked. What you should do is to compose an interesting title to grab your target reader’s attention right away. But at the same time, make sure to avoid making your email look like a spam message. Do away with the terms ‘free’, ‘special offer’, and ‘discount’, and even exclamation points.

Be concise

Always remind yourself that the people you send an email to are busy people. So, address your intention right away and try to make your message as short as possible. You don’t need to give a full description of who you are because your contact details should be enough (for now) to inform your customer about you.

Focus on your customer

When you’re sending an email to your target customers, you have to focus on them, their needs, and what your business can provide them. Don’t just delve into yourself or the nature of your business because again, the people you’re writing to don’t have the time to know more about your background at this point. What these people want is something beneficial to them, either personally or professionally. Say, you’re offering email marketing services. Go straight to how this marketing strategy can help them increase their leads and sales.

Be professional, but not bland

You should balance your messages so that they will sound professional without being boring. Try to inject a little humour in your messages so that your readers will be amused enough to keep reading up to the end. Be consistent with the voice and tone of your emails, though, so as not to confuse your customers about your brand’s identity.

Create a sense of urgency

email reading concept

Finally, your email should end with your readers feeling a sense of urgency to act. If you end it with a vague message or a half-baked conclusion, then your target customers won’t be persuaded to do anything. They will probably just delete your email or leave it as is without giving it a second thought. One great way to end your message is to create a scenario that outlines how your readers would miss a wonderful opportunity if they don’t do anything in the next two minutes.

Taking these steps won’t guarantee that all your target customers will read all your emails, of course. But at least, you stand a better chance of sending your message to your recipients than merely trying to send emails to people without any proper email marketing strategy.

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