Essential Practices to Cope with the New Normal

COVID-19 has taken the world by surprise. People were forced out of their daily routines. At the onset, it became survival mode for most individuals and families. Amidst all the chaos, a fresh term emerged- the new normal. What things must one remember to embrace and adjust to the new normal?

Commit to Safety

For people to stop the spread of the novel virus, everybody must abide by simple health protocols. Social distancing and wearing face masks became the new norm. Also, if you have enough, you can buy a used car. Having a private vehicle is a convenient way to travel during this time. Being in public transportation exposes you to higher risks of infection.

Disinfecting is also another practice that must be observed with great fervor. This is to ensure that the virus could not thrive on surfaces that are exposed to most people. Frequent and proper handwashing is also a given.

Overcome the Urge to Wallow in Grief

Aside from physical safety, one must also guard their mental health during this time. Previous plans might have been put on hold or ruined altogether. Some lost their jobs, no matter how secured they thought it could be. Some businesses have to close down. These things could dampen anybody’s spirit.

But to be able to survive in the new normal, one must learn to let these things go. It is fine to go through a phase of grief for everything that this pandemic had disturbed. But after the denial, anger, or sadness, one must press on and rebuild around what was left.

Value What You Still Have

mother putting on a facemask

Gratefulness and optimism are keys that can help you adjust well. Acknowledge the things that you still have despite what you lost. This is especially true if you and your loved ones are all healthy and unaffected by this disease.

Also, bear in mind that this situation is only temporary. Find small joys in the present and look forward to new plans when all these are over. Be careful, though, not to succumb to toxic positivity.

Integrate Changes One Step at a Time

The new normal is all about change. Most of these changes are monumental. These shifts encompass one’s lifestyle, education, or mode of work. It is easy to get overwhelmed by these things and resist them. But what one can do instead is to take things one step at a time.

Learn to master the skills needed for these changes. Is your job transitioning to remote work? Find ways to make your home conducive to such a set-up. Research on productivity tips to help you cope.

Are you not a tech-savvy person and you feel dazed when every transaction went online? You can ask someone close to you to help you learn the ropes of the virtual world.

Discern the Proper Use of the Internet

The internet could either be a friend or a foe. At this time, one might feel distressed if they keep abreast of all the news. Thus, you must learn how to filter what you read and expose yourself with. Be informed enough. But do yourself a favor by not soaking yourself with too much information.

Instead, you can use the Internet on a more personal level. Many platforms help you connect with loved ones. In these trying times, you need to persevere to stay connected with those who are dear to you.

The new normal is here to stay. It is up to you on how you can adjust to it. In small practical ways, you can adapt to it and turn it into your daily routine.

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