Every Office Technology That You Didn’t Know You Need

Whether you work at a home office or have to commute to your desk job every day, you rely on technology to work, aside from the usual PC, monitor, laptop, and cell phone. You need other technology to make the job easier, more comfortable, and sometimes even more fun. Here are five office technologies you probably didn’t know you needed, but you should have:

  • Wireless Headset

A headset might not necessarily help you with work, like the other things on this list. But, having an excellent headset will motivate you to work harder. There are many advantages to purchasing a wireless headset over a wired one. First of all, you get rid of the hassle of dealing with tangled wires or wires getting caught on whatever object it can get itself on. You also get to move around more with a wireless headset. Yes, there are limitations on how far you can go without losing connection to your phone; most headsets have a 10 meter (32 feet) limit. But that’s farther than a wired headset will get you.

wired headset on a desk

The sound quality of a wireless headset is also as good as a wired headset. Possibly even better. Some people do complain about the voice output quality of wireless headsets. But in all honesty, if you choose to buy a better quality wireless headset, the audio quality will be good. In the end, it all boils down to the overall quality of the headset you’re purchasing.

  • VoIP Phone Systems

It is something you probably haven’t heard of before. So what is a VoIP or Voice Over IP Phone System? A VoIP phone system allows you to do everything a regular telephone can do. But, instead of using landline, it uses the internet. With this, you spend less money on hardware and maintenance. It also offers more flexibility by allowing you to take calls — not only from your office phone but — from your computer and mobile phone as well. It also allows you to take calls from anywhere. Which means you’ll never have to miss an important phone call, ever again.

  • Ergonomic Keyboard

Did you know that carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the most common painful work-related conditions? According to the 2010 National Health Interview Survey, over five million American adults are at risk of this condition. It affects people, such as office workers, gamers, and writers. It’s caused by continuous repetitive movements in the hands, extending the wrists backward and forwards too much.

Well, an ergonomic keyboard doesn’t only save space. It’s built to avoid such a condition from happening. Ergonomic keyboards are built in a way that allows you to type with your hands in a more natural position. It’s curved or shaped like an inverted V. This position makes typing more comfortable. It lessens the strain on your hand and wrist muscles.

  • USB External/Portable Hard Drive

External hard drives are very much like flash drives. The only real difference is the cost, size, and amount of storage it can hold. External hard drives are the best option for backing-up numerous files. They can hold up to eight terabytes of storage space, while a flash drive can only hold up to 512 GB. Having that much storage space allows you to back up not only essential files but even software. So if a single flash drive — or more — can’t hold all your necessary files. You should opt for an external hard drive instead.

Hard drives don’t only hold more space. They are physically larger than flash drives, making it easier to locate. Everyone has experienced losing a flash drive at least more than once. With a hard drive, you won’t have to worry about losing sight of it. So, if you’re tired of buying flash drives when it runs out of space or disappears, it’s finally time you invest in an external hard drive.

  • Laser Printer

Printers are one of the most useful technologies to have in the office and even at home. But, the age-old question stands: should you buy a laser printer or an inkjet printer. Here are the facts: Laser printers are best at printing documents while inkjet printers are better at printing photographs. Documents come out crisper and with less bleeding when you print using a laser printer. However, they also cost a bit more than an inkjet printer — upfront. But, the cost per page is lower when it comes to laser printers. Inkjet printers tend to make you spend more in the long run.

That’s because laser printers use toner instead of ink. Not only is toner is cheaper compared to ink, but it also stores longer than ink. That makes it a better choice in the long run, especially if you print numerous documents. Plus, it’s rare for you to be printing photographs at the office.


If you didn’t think you needed these before, you should think again. Not only are these technologies beneficial, but they also ease and boost the quality of your work.



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