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Marketing is a key component of running any organization, whether for business, non-profits, or academic institutions. Basically, marketing is how you disseminate your organization’s message or promote your goods and services to the public through different formats such as articles or advertisements.

The main concept of marketing is not limited to activities that sell your service or product; rather, it is how you connect with your customers or clients and how you establish a relationship with them. You will need marketing skills to run both for-profit and non-profit organizations.

But sadly, not everyone is equipped with the skills it will take to run a marketing arm smoothly. Good marketers have interpersonal skills, attention-to-detail, good communication skills, creativity, and team leadership.

Fortunately, a lot of businesses provide such services to different organizations and startups. They exist mainly to help and support starting organizations that lack the capacity to hire in-house employees to operate their marketing department.

If you want to know more about how you can outsource the work to other companies, here are a few aspects of marketing that you can begin with. Most of these aspects require different skill sets and take valuable time that you could otherwise use to do your core functions.

Web Development and Design

Any credible organization nowadays has online visibility through their own website or social media accounts. Online visibility is important because it promotes accessibility for your audience, and it allows them to know more about your organization without taking unnecessary measures.

The best way to establish online visibility is through a developed and designed website specifically for your organization. It has to have a coherent image that reflects your branding, and anyone should easily navigate it.

But developing and designing a website is a complicated procedure that not everyone can do. And since you don’t need your website to be developed continuously, it’s one of the most practical aspects of marketing to outsource.

You can hire a web developer with a good portfolio and experience designing who can create your organization’s website for you. After your freelancer has created the website, the only thing you’ll have to do is to maintain it regularly.

Content and SEO

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A good website is not only informative, but it also has content that is both relevant and engaging to your audience. Content doesn’t only pertain to pictures or videos. It can also mean articles, news clips, and everything your potential clients can see on your website.

For this, you’ll need to hire qualified content creators who know how to produce engaging content for your target market regularly. They should understand digital marketing’s main concept and how to apply this concept to garner online traffic. As a plus, they should also know how to utilize search engine optimization (SEO) in producing their content.

If by chance, you need more help with optimizing your content, you can also find a trusted SEO outsource solutions provider. Established providers would know how to maximize the potential of keyword-driven content to drive traffic and garner organic visits to your organization’s website.

Social Media and Advertising

Online visibility is more pronounced when organizations utilize the potential that social media platforms can offer them. These platforms provide accessibility by having a bigger audience, but it can also offer an avenue to develop and maintain relationships with the audience.

You can use your organization’s social media accounts to post promotional materials, interact with your potential clients, and disseminate important information about your institution. This, however, will require much of your time, especially if you don’t know where to begin.

This is where outsourced social media managers can come in. You can hire a part-time manager to handle your social media affairs on a regular schedule. If you can devise a good working schedule that is optimal for social media activity with your freelancer, then you should have no problems in the long run.


Promotional events aren’t always done within organizations, but it can be if you want to grow your network and reach a bigger audience. Events such as these provide an avenue for your organization to showcase your talents, purpose, or goals without relying on other institutions.

But planning an event is hard work, especially if you want it to be grand and accommodate hundreds of people. In this case, you can outsource event planners who can realize your plans for you. Find an all-around event-planning service that can take care of planning until execution so that your expenses will be worth it.

Keeping an organization above water shouldn’t have to be a burden. If you know how to utilize the resources available to you and maximize their potential, then you can handle your organization’s marketing arm with a breeze.

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