Non-Profit Support Organizations in Your Community

Nonprofit organizations are everywhere. They support the arts, feed the hungry, help people with disabilities, provide shelter to battered women and children, advocate for human rights in places where they are denied—and much more. But how can you tell which organization is proper for you?

Nonprofits come in many shapes and sizes: some focus on local or community issues while others work internationally. Before you head out and seek support, it’s essential to consider what type of nonprofit best suits your needs.

Education and Training

Not everyone can obtain formal education and training. However, that should not preclude anyone from getting ahead in life. Nonprofit organizations that offer training and education are invaluable resources for people who would otherwise be left behind.

There are nonprofits to help you further your career or obtain new skills, teach you basic computer literacy, provide childcare training. At the same time, you work toward a degree or even offer programs targeted to senior citizens who want to start a new, second career or brush up on their skills. These organizations can be great resources for you and your family.

Medical Services

When you need medical care, it’s essential to get it right away—not at some indeterminate time in the future. Unfortunately, many people live in areas where medical care is either expensive or hard to get. The health of your loved ones can be compromised when they cannot see a doctor at the necessary intervals.

Nonprofit organizations that focus on providing free or low-cost medical services are invaluable resources for people who otherwise couldn’t afford to get the treatment they need. These organizations serve people with specific medical needs or offer free clinics to individuals regardless of their health condition.

Human Services

Thousands of nonprofit organizations are funded through networks alone. These groups help feed families facing hunger, house the homeless, support children in need, and so much more.

The unique situation each person faces is different. However, organizations that offer specific types of aid often have the resources to address your problem most effectively. These groups can help you find food and shelter, look for a job or employment training, conduct research on diseases and treatments, and provide counseling services to those with mental health issues.

Social Services

Many people interact with nonprofit organizations daily but may not realize it. For example, nonprofits are responsible for offering adoption services, placing the children in foster homes, counseling pregnant women who do not want to carry their child to term, and helping senior citizens find safe housing.

When you need social services—such as help completing Social Security claims or applying for disability benefits—look to nonprofits for support. They can explain the process, offer professional guidance and helpful information, guide you through the steps of what will happen after you submit your application or claim, and make sure your case is handled correctly from start to finish.

Youth Rehabilitation

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, a significant percentage of juveniles in state-operated institutions have at least one mental health condition. Many nonprofits offer counseling and other resources for young people to help them manage these conditions.

Nonprofits that help rehabilitate youth are dedicated to helping these young victims overcome the circumstances that lead them into trouble with the law and help them develop better coping mechanisms to keep themselves out of trouble. After all, it is far easier to prevent a problem than solve it later on.


The nonprofit world is full of people who are committed to helping others. Many trained professionals work within the philanthropic sector and can put their skills to good use by assisting to help you find a job or gainful employment.

Whether you need support updating your resume, polishing up on your interview skills, or looking for employment opportunities, nonprofits can provide the tools you need to get back on your feet. They can also help connect you with skilled professionals who want to hire someone with your qualifications.

Disability Support

Many nonprofit organizations assist people with disabilities in getting the services they need to lead productive lives. They may provide counseling, guidance on working through physical and mental disabilities, access to medical equipment, and transportation assistance so that disabled individuals can live independently.

The bottom line is that many nonprofit organizations out there can offer you support in a time of need. Whatever your struggles might be, there is likely a group out there to provide you with the help you need. So don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance—the people who work at these organizations are passionate about helping others, and they will be more than happy to lend a hand.

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