Prevention Is Better: How to Be Healthy Before You Get Sick

Staying healthy in today’s busy world is often a secondary concern at best. Many of us are preoccupied with career, family, social media, and other matters, and it can take a serious illness before we realize that we aren’t living a lifestyle that’s as healthy as it should be. Instead of getting to that point, here are a few things you can work on to improve your health:


One bit of health advice that never goes away is to step up your exercise level. Start with small increments to build the habit and make progress. If you aren’t exercising daily, introduce some extra activity. It could be a quick routine of 5-10 minutes that you can squeeze into your free time at home or several office-friendly exercises such as taking the stairs. If you already exercise regularly, try to add a variety of activities to strengthen different muscle groups.

Always remember that the best exercise routines are fun because you will be able to commit to them. The mantra of “no pain, no gain” might have merits for dedicated gym rats, but if you’re taking steps toward good fitness, slow and steady is a better approach.


While most people tend to think of diet in terms of fad diets or cutting out certain nutrients or food types altogether, many doctors recommend an approach that focuses on proper nutrition instead. Everyone’s body and lifestyle are unique, so taking drastic measures can work for some, but have adverse effects on others. And going on a sudden diet can be taxing on your willpower, ultimately raising questions of sustainability in the long term.

Make gradual changes to your daily nutrition. Instead of trying to eat less and leave yourself hungry, lacking energy for the day, eat well but cut your intake of unhealthy, processed foodstuff that has lots of saturated and trans fats, high in calories but low in nutrients. To balance, bring in more nutrient-dense food such as whole grains, lean meat, fresh fruits, and vegetables.

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Your mental state can exert a strong influence on your physical health. If you tend to experience a lot of stress or anxiety at work, for example, you can end up becoming sick frequently. Engaging in mindfulness routines and keeping a state of gratitude and positivity will help you become more resilient to the adverse effects of stressors in your life.

You can be proactive when it comes to your well-being and try relaxing activities such as yoga. A naturopath can guide you with personalized suggestions based on your lifestyle and recommend things to reduce or eliminate from your daily life.


Go over the things that you do every day and consider their potential impact in the long run. How often do you permit yourself the “occasional” drink or smoke? It might be time to work on reducing these detrimental habits until they are eventually gone from your life.

Take a look at your home environment and give an honest assessment of its cleanliness. A messy or dirty home can not only increase your risk of getting sick; it also affects your sleeping patterns. Tidying or cleaning can be daunting, so take it slowly, but make sure that you make progress each day.

There are other ways to start getting healthy. Bear in mind that small, repeatable, and sustainable measures work best as you keep a long-term outlook toward excellent health.

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