Professional Growth: Future-proofing Your Career

The corporate world changes so dramatically and swiftly that almost everything in it becomes unstable. For entrepreneurs and professionals, recognizing that we are living in a fast-paced period is imperative. Because the moment you believe your career is sacrosanct, that’s when you become vulnerable.

Globalization and technological advancement have turned this corporate world upside down. It changed how businesses operate, people work, and customers shop. Think about artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), and cloud computing. They are job killers. And individuals who are not marketable in the future will be replaced by the growing number of transformative technologies. To help professionals be more innovative, relevant, and productive, listed here are steps to future-proof a career.

1. Accept change and stand out

The only constant is change, which significantly applies to the corporate world too. While it’s hard for humans to function in an unstable field, you have no choice but to adapt to the inevitable changes. If you don’t want to lose that dream career of yours, you need to be versatile and aggressive to learning more every day. If not, you’ll definitely lose to the increasing number of competitors. In one survey by CareerBuilder, a third of the respondents stated they weren’t able to land a new position because of great competition. So, if you don’t stand, how can the employers notice you in the first place?

Start by mastering soft skills such as collaboration, time management, creativity, and communication, on top of abilities like critical thinking and other hard skills. As a matter of fact, according to several studies, most employers prefer hiring candidates with great soft skills. That said, elevating emotional intelligence, which technologies or machines still don’t have, can be a great asset. To make this all happen, you should have a learning mindset, take advantage of proactive opportunities, and encourage self-reflection.

2. Be a digital native and embrace it

One of the greatest mistakes a modern professional can make is to ignore the importance of technology and continue to struggle with it. Technology plays a major role in almost any industry, from operations, management to simple communication. Spend time to learn about tech and master it. Doing so will improve not only your productivity but also your confidence in the workplace.

If you are in the marketing business, you need to learn to use even the basic customer service solutions to thrive. Don’t be intimidated by automation. The processes are the only ones that can be set up through a machine. The strategies behind those are all human-powered.

Stay up to date with the latest digital tools and technologies if you want to secure your career. If you are clueless about simple digital media trends like social media, social monitoring, sponsored content, or mobile web, you aren’t likely to survive in this modern corporate world.

3. Establish a positive, professional network


Finding and establishing new connections within and outside of the company can help you out in so many ways. A good professional network can offer support in learning how you can further improve your skills. It can open new opportunities in case your current job is looking uncertain. The best thing about this is that you have the chance to learn new strategies and skills that can further guide you in growing your career.

You can start building a professional network by working on your LinkedIn profile. The platform is ideal for earning references and referrals, as well as creating good impressions. Other strategies to consider are expanding your current social circle, joining an employee resource group, and starting a local college alumni club.

4. Keep an inventory of accomplishments

Keeping a record of your professional and personal accomplishments is undoubtedly among the best motivators to keep you going. Have you done any volunteer work for the company’s charity program? Were you just promoted as the new marketing lead in the department? Have you got a jumbo mortgage for the beautiful home you’ve been dreaming of? Are you able to finally finance that dream car of yours?

Having a list of your accomplishments can increase your confidence in your skills. And the most interesting part? It can help you overcome impostor syndrome.

These strategies help you prepare yourself for the changing workforce and avoid losing your career to automation. Take proactive actions to position yourself where employers can’t afford to have you on their team. Stop ignoring the changes happening around you, and start being competitive and bold in managing your career. Reinvent yourself today.

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