The Countries Most in Need of Volunteers

Whether you have philanthropic intentions or a desire for a change of scenery, volunteering abroad is something you should seriously consider. Volunteering is a meaningful way to see the world, while performing useful humanitarian work. It’s an opportunity to discover the issues currently affecting different sectors of society and help out as best you can. If you’re interested to try it out, but don’t know where to start, here are the countries most in need of volunteers.

South Africa

South Africa has a bustling economy, but it also has one of the highest number of
HIV/AIDS cases
in the world and an uneven distribution of clean water sources. There’s plenty for you to do in any one of the countries’ provinces, from building clean water wells to treating individuals affected by HIV/AIDS. Do your research and choose an authorized program that has a guaranteed track record of helping out the sectors who most need it.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a beautiful island paradise with nearly 300 beaches and a diverse selection of nature and wildlife. Unfortunately, their environment is being threatened by pollution, poaching, and deforestation. Most volunteer programs in the country are in the vein of nature conservation, healthcare and medicine, and animal rescue.


India is a vibrant and spirited country home to over 1.3 billion people and a multitude of cultures and languages. Although it’s a popular travel destination, much of the country suffers from systemic problems. Many of the country’s inhabitants suffer from extreme poverty, gender inequality, pollution, and a lack of access to clean water, healthcare, and education. There are plenty of volunteering programs that need your skills to address these issues.


Native American Reservations

If you’re not interested in going very far, but are still passionate about volunteering your skills and time, head to any of the many Native American reservations located in states like Montana and Arizona. This is not only a great volunteering opportunity, it’s a worthwhile learning opportunity, as well. Depending on your skills and expertise, your duties include culture and language preservation, teaching, or providing medical assistance.


The majestic Thai elephant is Thailand’s official national animal. Unfortunately, many of their elephants are subjected to abuse, mistreatment, and poaching. There are many ethical and sustainable eco-volunteering initiatives you can consider if Thailand is the destination you want to visit. These projects aim to combat poaching by providing ethical conservation sanctuaries for them to reside in and to rehabilitate elephants that have been affected by the tourism business.


Ethiopia is a country in East Africa brimming with history and natural splendor. It’s also a country where many people are suffering from extreme poverty, disease, and a lack of education. The country is in need of volunteers to help out with key programs that seek to provide urgent medical care to marginalized communities, particularly for mothers and vulnerable children.

Volunteering is a great opportunity that benefits both you and the community you’re helping out. Just make sure that you do your due diligence and volunteer with good intentions and align yourself with a legitimate program that doesn’t do the participating community any harm.

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