The Other Benefits of Recycling Aside from Conserving Nature

Reduce, reuse, and recycle — you have probably heard or seen these words a hundred times. In fact, it’s everywhere, from the reminders of your local neighborhood’s garbage collection services to the ads you see on different forms of media. It’s the simplest yet the most effective reminder for people not to waste any more of nature’s resources.

As the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) explains, recycling is the process of collecting and processing materials that people throw away as trash and turning them into new products with (the same or) a new purpose. It aims to reduce the strain being put on the environment.

If we don’t slow down in using our natural resources, as experts claim, we could be affecting the entire ecosystem and our economy. This is one of the reasons waste management services are offered not only in Utah, but in different parts of the world as well. This helps ensure that the future generations can still see and be mesmerized by the beauty of nature.

Did you know that aside from helping save and preserve our Mother Earth, recycling and proper waste disposal offer other great benefits? Find out how it can benefit you and other people:

There’s Money in the Garbage

Not all waste products are biodegradable. Then again, not all household wastes are recyclable. According to studies, there are six main categories of household waste: metal, glass, paper, plastic, textile, and organic waste. Among the six, five can be recycled and only one should go to waste facilities.

And yes, there’s a lot of money when you properly dispose of these recyclable materials. Based on the latest studies, the projected revenue for waste management could reach $140B by 2020 — and that’s in the United States alone.

More Domestic Jobs

Man working in a junkyardImagine how many jobs will be needed to meet such a target? The introduction of recycling programs not only provide additional savings, but also help create thousands of domestic jobs. In fact, studies suggest that the recycling industry has created at least six times more jobs compared to when people are still working in landfills.

If you don’t want to do the recycling yourself, at least collect materials you know that can be recycled and donate them. Many non-profit organizations have on-going projects that help the poor create products from recyclable materials, so they’ll have a source of income.

Less Energy Needed

Interestingly, it needs more energy to manufacture and convert raw materials into finished products. For instance, a recycling facility can save as much as 95% of energy in recycling aluminum compared to manufacturing it from raw materials. Now, think about the expenses and the dozens of fuel barrels used in bringing tons of raw materials to the manufacturing facility.

Indeed, recycling helps conserve the environment. It also offers alternative ways to generate additional income and even additional jobs in the process. More importantly, it allows manufacturing the same amount of finished products from the recycled wastes and thus, reducing the consumption of fuel.

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