The People You Need in Your Contacts List

Adulthood is not just about having a stable job, buying a house, or starting a family. It’s also about making and keeping connections, from friends and family, colleagues and acquaintances, and people in positions of power. These should be the top contacts you remember so that in times of need, you’ll have someone to help you. Here are some of them.

A Doctor on Speed Dial

It’s a no-brainer to have a doctor in your contacts list. They’re knowledgeable in times of medical emergencies and are on-call almost every day. If you have a family doctor, you can always ask them for a number you can contact them when needed. It’s not necessarily their personal number, as long as you get a channel to inquire about your health. A general practitioner would be your safest bet, as they’re knowledgeable in a wider range of topics.

However, if you’re worried about specific health problems, you can look for someone working specifically for that. For example, you are hypertensive and have a history of heart problems. Your best choice should be someone with that specialization.

A Lawyer’s Business Card in Your Wallet

If your problems are less about health and more about everything else, then you probably already have a lawyer’s business card with you. Knowing a lawyer personally, like a friend or a relative, is really convenient because you have someone to bounce off your legal questions. It doesn’t have to be an actual case or problem. It could be something hypothetical, like “what if I got into this business,” or “what documents should I prepare if I were to engage in something.” It’s asking for expert-level advice that you won’t get anywhere else.


Knowing that you have a lawyer from West Jordan, Utah to back you up in case of any unforeseen events can also be very reassuring. For example, a personal injury lawyer can help you when you get injured in an accident at work or on the road. If you have a friend practicing corporate law, you can ask about some of the basics of starting a business. A family lawyer, on the other hand, can help you when you’re filing for divorce, or when you have questions about inheritance and the like.

A Mechanic or a Handyman You Know by Name

Sometimes, life throws a curveball at you when you least expect it. Have a busy day ahead? Okay, now your car won’t start. Throwing a party tomorrow? Now your sink is clogged up. For these situations, it’s best to have an expert to sort these problems for you. You can try and diagnose what’s wrong with your car, but without the expertise and the tools, you can’t just DIY the problem away. You may have seen your fair share of clogged sinks and toilets before, but are you sure that it’s the root of the problem?

To avoid turning these small issues into massive disasters, it’s best to have a mechanic or a handyman to fix the problem. To find the one for your specific needs, you can search for public service postings or ask for references from family and friends.

You never know when a new challenge or problem will come your way. It’s best that you prepare yourself ahead by knowing who to call for help in times of need.

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