US Election Result: What Joe Biden’s Victory Means for the World

A few days ago, America had decided and chosen a new leader in the democratic representative, Joe Biden. In a race to 270 electoral votes, Joe trumps Donald with 273 while the former having only 214. The US media has announced the official projection and results of the election after a nail-biting couple of days with a close result. Donald Trump took the lead during the first few days of counting, but key states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia turned blue, making Biden take the lead.

Despite the pandemic crisis, this sets history for the United States to have the voter turnout projected to be the highest in over a century. Hollywood personalities show celebration through tweets and videos thanking everyone who voted for coming together and what this victory meant for the nation. For some locals and immigrant families, this could mean living another day doing things like they normally would without fear, as normal as getting guitar classes or even partying (as soon as the crisis ends, of course).

The powerful nation hasn’t elected a democrat since 1992, and Biden won’t take office until January 20th, but what could this victory mean for the rest of the world?

A Massive Challenge Towards the Chinese System

chinese flagDonald Trump has always been outspoken about the Chinese and its relations with the United States. He has hit the trades between the two countries, and even as far as blaming them for the coronavirus pandemic. But some analysts claim that the Chinese leadership might actually be disappointed with the results and not having Donald Trump back in the White House. This is not because of their fondness towards the straightforward leader, but because another four years of the Republican — with Trump’s victory setting divisiveness at the country and isolation overseas — gave the prospect of a bigger prize and goal for Beijing; which is the decline of US in power. Biden’s willingness to having alliances solving world crises like climate change might actually inhibit China’s superpower goal. A Biden victory also poses a challenge in the Chinese system with democratic control lacking in the latter.

Bringing Tehran’s Presence Back to the Negotiations

According to Kasra Naji, a Persian correspondent, a Biden victory could mean Tehran’s possible return to the negotiating table. Had President Trump won another term in the presidency, Iran seeking negotiations would appear humiliating for its leaders, as Trump once optimistically voiced out that once he won the elections, the first phone call he would be receiving is from them — asking to negotiate. The US sanctions and policies under President Trump put Iran under maximum pressure has put Iran on the brink of an economic collapse. With a Biden victory, this could mean better negotiations for the country. He has said that he seeks to have a diplomatic approach and return to the nuclear deal.

Biden Will Seek to Repair Relations with Alliances Abroad and Unify the Nation

According to experts, what the US needs now is someone who will unify the once overly divided state since Trump’s election while facing crises presented overseas. As an internationalist, former Vice President and now President-elect Joe Biden will prioritize to rebuild the nation’s policy and seek to repair possibly the most important asset of the US, which is rebuilding alliances. President-elect Joe Biden seeks to work closely with alliances and should seek to rejuvenate the image of democracy in this new era for the rest of the world.

Up until President-elect Joe Biden’s official time at the office, only time would tell of how much would change over the course of his presidency, for both America and the rest of the world.

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