Visual Social Media Is Integral to Any Business Strategy

Words have so much power that we think carefully about how we use them in our ads. The marketing of any business or product can succeed or fail because of the word choice. Grammar also matters, because your brand’s professionalism can easily be judged through the typographical errors you didn’t catch. These days, however, it’s not enough to have the right words in your marketing strategy.

Visual social media has proven to be relevant in the virality of content, especially if you consider the following:

Food: A Feast for the Eyes

An ad, blog post, or simple tweet is simply better with accompanying graphics. In the case of Pinterest, Instagram, and other visual social media platforms, it’s photo-first-caption-later. Brands need to choose the right image to catch the attention of their followers. Stock photos can be used in a variety of ways, but personal photos, especially showing your brand in action, will be even better. Say you have a post talking about the cost of starting a pizza business. Without a photo, it will only be a boring article, even if it’s full of relevant information. With an eye-catching picture, you can market it across visual social media platforms and get more people interested. They might be there just for the graphics, but they will stay for the content. In the same vein, a restaurant that invests in quality photos of their food and surroundings will look inviting to customers who see their brand accounts. When food looks good enough in photos, customer can almost imagine how good they taste.

Music: Creating the Mood

There is no single formula that makes album covers sell more, but these days, artists have an aesthetic that they build upon with each album release. LANY has a signature sound that is complemented by very millennial covers. Artists such as The 1975 use their logo designed in so many ways for their new releases. Their songs also call back to their previous albums, much to the delight of long-time fans. Artists can also choose to go with thematic collections, for which a central image is needed. Taylor Swift is perhaps one of the best examples if this if you consider how drastically different Reputation’s theme is from her upcoming album’s single, “ME!” The way she manages to come up with a different vision for each of her albums and uses her social media account to tease fans slowly is a smart marketing strategy that has paid off time and again.

Travel: Making Enviable Moments

Couple of tourists consulting a city guide and smartphone
If you’ve ever read any articles about millennial spending habits, you’ll start seeing them as the travel-savvy generation as well. They are the generation that turns to visual social media to find their next destination to end a stressful week at work. They also contribute content, with each post being more aesthetically pleasing than the last. Travel magazines and guides love millennials for this, and they target this generation specifically by showing them new places they have yet to discover.

Humans look and appreciate with their eyes, and they also want the experience that comes with the beautiful photos. Given this, it’s only understandable that visual social media will be here to stay.

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