Why Everyone Is Watching the Legal Battle Between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

It seems like everyone has their eyes set on the legal battle between Johnny Deep and Amber Heard. Each day, people can’t wait to know the latest developments in their case. Sure, they are extremely well-known icons, with Johnny Depp being the more well-known and famous star out of the duo. But in reality, there is a deeper reason why many are hooked up with their case. As it turns out, it is not just because of the juicy gossips one can get from the skirmish of these two that compels everyone to stay tuned for the latest news.

How It All Started

Depp and Heard are two prominent individuals in the film industry. Johnny Depp is an eccentric but versatile actor for having played virtually every role you might think of. He starred in numerous successful movies, snatched many acting awards, is a musician, and a producer.

Depp is loved by many for his looks, wits, creativity, mysterious “ït” factor, and eclectic roles in films. As for Amber Heard, her big break in Hollywood came in 2008. The pair met on the set of The Rum Diary, tied the knot in 2015, filed for divorce in 2016, and in 2017, their divorce was finalized.

The drama started when Heard wrote about how she became a public figure for domestic abuse. Depp wasn’t mentioned in the opinions and editorials page of the Washington Post in December 2018. In 2019, Depp denied the abuse and filed a defamation lawsuit against Heard.

Aside from their legal battle, Depp filed a libel case against the publisher of The Sun, the News Groups Newspapers. This is after an article published by The Sun labeled Johnny Depp as a “wife-beater.” On November 2, 2020, Depp lost the case after judge Mr. Justice Nico ruled that what was published was indeed substantially true.

Reputations at Stake

People have their eyes on the Depp-Heard case because the reputations of the two actors are at stake. Other people were mentioned in the case, making it a hot topic for the public. Tons of court reporters can’t wait to snatch the latest news while lawyers got their eyes set on how the proceedings will end.

Even if the case is still ongoing, both parties already had their reputation on the rocks. Since Depp lost the libel case against The Sun, many people have begun calling him the “wife-beater.” This did not do any good to his reputation as people already know about his drinking problem, let alone the allegations made by his ex-wife as bitter and sometimes high on drugs.

Last July 8, 2020, pictures of Depp revealed his chaotic lifestyle. In the libel trial, images showing his extensive drinking and drug use. Depp also cited how he started taking drugs.

If Depp loses in his ongoing libel court battle with Heard in the U.S., this can further wreak havoc on his career. Depp and his lawyers claim the ruling in the libel case against The Sun was one-sided, hoping this won’t happen in the proceedings in the U.S.

On the other hand, Amber Heard was accused as a liar from the start as Depp’s camp denied her accusations. Despite coming to court with her entourage, she stood alone during numerous court appearances against his ex-husband. Since The Sun won the libel case, she emerged vindicated.

While Depp still has his loyal fans cheering his name, Heard faced backlash left and right from the start. She had to be escorted by the police since Depp’s fans apparently threatened her and even her sister. She lost friends on top of other setbacks.

If she wins the case, she can regain her reputation. Aside from this, another silent winner will emerge victoriously. Domestic violence victims will have more hope that the justice system will listen more to domestic abuse victims, regardless of their age or gender.

What We Can Learn About the Depp/Heard and Depp/The Sun Libel Case

Defamation court battles exist as a means of protecting one’s reputation against false and malicious statements. Depp filed a libel lawsuit against Heard after making a statement about her being a victim of domestic abuse one year after they legally split. The Sun, on the other hand, called Johnny Depp as a wife-beater in a published article, which is why Depp filed a libel case in an attempt to clear his name.

This goes to show how everything we write and publish can have an impact on our future self. If we are not careful, we can end up getting sued for what we post. One’s action can result in a costly lawsuit in public.

Depp chose to fight in a highly public trial to try to save his reputation. Heard decided to speak up to show domestic abuse victims that it is their right to fight. Only time will tell what will happen in their current battle in court.

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