Why It Is Time to Automate HR Case Management

Employees are among the biggest assets of a company. Without their contributions, it is unlikely that any company could achieve any success that it currently has. Hence, it is important to hear out the concerns of employees and make sure that they are well looked after in the company.

However, in many companies, the process of filing a request with the Human Resources (HR) department — which is called case management — could take up to weeks. Furthermore, one would have to keep following up with the HR representatives regarding the status of their request. This can take up time that would otherwise have been better spent productively working towards the company goals.

IT solutions companies such as ServiceNow seek to change this by providing systems and applications to automate the case management process. This aims to streamline case management and make it more efficient and easier on both HR representatives and employees. Here are some things that such case management tools can improve upon in the HR practices of your business:

Efficiency and accuracy

When HR case management is automated, each request that is filed is routed to the correct person who is capable of handling the request. Should a request also have to go through more than one individual; the automated system can hand it over right away. This is a massive time-saver that improves the efficiency of the process dramatically.

Requests can also be filtered into generic or specific ones, and further into urgent and non-urgent requests. This allows the requests to be prioritized, which optimizes the case management process and ensures that as many requests as possible will be properly attended to in the shortest amount of time. This efficiency is bound to be appreciated by employees and HR representatives alike.


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An automated case management system allows all parties involved to keep track of the progress of a request. An employee will be able to see with whom their request currently is, and thus knows whom to address any follow-up questions or concerns to. Such transparency is sure to be appreciated by employees.

At the same time, the process also encourages accountability in that both employer and employee will know who is currently in charge of processing the request. By letting the employees know what is happening to their requests, the company sends the message that they are valued and cared for.

Organization in documentation

Large companies can see multiple employee requests, and cases come in every week. This can amount to an overwhelming amount of paperwork and documentation, which will then take up much space in the company office.

With automated case management, all relevant documents are stored in the system, can be integrated with an employee’s files, and are also instantly organized once they are entered. Not only will this save a lot of space, paper, and time, but it also allows records to be easily accessed any time they are needed. This will end up making things easier for everyone involved.

Automating a company’s HR case management processes is one of the easiest and most rewarding ways of promoting employee care and services. By bringing such a timeless part of corporate culture into the modern era, companies can improve efficiency at no expense to the workers, and there are few better outcomes one could wish for than this.

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