Going Hands-free: Contactless Banking and Payment Options to Try

Handling the household finances and making necessary purchases and payments is an essential part of life. However, the current situation with the pandemic puts a high risk on people who need to go out and bank. For many, it can be difficult to think of doing so without cash that is literally on hand. If you are one of such people, consider getting at least one of the following contactless options for your banking. It will save you a good amount of time, effort, and even health.

Online Banking

The internet has been useful to us and it continues to be so, especially in this digital age. It also serves us when it comes to our finances, as shown in the example of online banking transactions. Banks have created systems where you can access your accounts through creating a personal profile on their website. You don’t just know how much money you have, but also how they are being used in real-time. Also, when you set up an online profile, you will be able to use your checking account to pay for items you purchase over the internet.

Virtual Wallets

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Nowadays, accessibility is becoming more of a priority when it comes to our finances. And this is due in part to the invention and popularity of smartphones. Because of this trend, bank accounts currently aren’t the only places where we can store our money. There are now other financial companies that provide us with what are called virtual wallets. And many of these can be accessed through apps and don’t require as much proof of identification. These can be used for both in-store payments as well as online transactions.

Contactless Cards

For those who still require the use of cards for their transactions, there exist versions that only need to be tapped onto a surface in order to be read. This can help you make less contact with machines and, by extension, the other people who have handled them beforehand.  There are various ones available for different accounts that you may have, such as your bank account or one of your online wallets. If you already use cards, then you may want to inquire about conversion or replacement to this kind.

Card Alternatives

We are in a time when cards aren’t even our only means of withdrawing money from our accounts. One of these alternatives is the aforementioned smartphone apps, as some of them have codes that can be scanned in order for the money to be accessed. Another form that “cards” can take is bands that individuals can wear on their wrists. Not only can they be stylish, but they can also be discreet and less prone to physical theft, depending on their appearance.

One can say that the technology that we need has been created just in time for such a situation that we have today. It will benefit us the most when we go and use it. There may be some worries about security, but a little more caution on your part will go a long way.

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