Woodworkers Remain Optimistic Despite the Pandemic

Just like almost everyone else, those involved in the woodworking industry took a pretty big hit when the pandemic came upon us and the lockdowns were implemented.

Business slowed down with not many projects to go around. Regardless if you have a business rigged with the latest CNC router signage machine or you’re working straight out of your garage workshop, woodworkers felt the adverse effects of the global health crisis.

Dealing with COVID-19 and its Effects

To say that the coronavirus caused disruptions in the industry is a huge understatement. When workers were sent home with the uncertainty of any work or financial security, things were bleak for some time.

There was a lack in the supply chain due to other related industries closing down. Lack of manpower also contributed to the steep decline in production during the lockdown season.

At that point, no production means no income. No income means no work, and no work means no production. It was a vicious cycle that caused anxiety throughout workers in the industry.

Many business owners felt for their employees. They can’t afford to pay salaries while their workers stay at home and neither can their workers afford not to go to work.

It was then that owners and managers decided to make the necessary changes and implement new operating procedures to keep their businesses afloat. They had to come up with a suitable arrangement that will work well for everyone involved.

Fortunately, the CDC released guidelines for businesses to implement in workplaces to help companies navigate COVID-19.

Immediately, business owners adapted the rules and started bringing their workers back, albeit under certain conditions — social distancing will be put in full effect, hand sanitizers will be accessible from different areas of the workplace, shifts will be implemented to avoid crowding the workplace with too many people, and minimal to zero contact will be made with clients and suppliers to prevent the contraction of the disease.


The Glass Is Half-Full

Despite all of these circumstances brought about by the pandemic, industry professionals remain optimistic and are anticipating a solid recovery.

About two-thirds of the industry believe that even though they may have been negatively affected by the pandemic, the long-term recovery still looks promising. While some of them are still uncertain about what the future holds for their businesses, generally, most industry insiders are looking at things from a very positive perspective.

Even during the lockdowns, a lot of businesses said work started picking up, especially on the residential aspect of their work. For instance, a lot of people who were stuck at home realized their homes needed a few upgrades. From updating kitchen cabinets to minor remodeling work, folks were calling for supplies for DIY projects.

Of course, this is not the case for everyone, but since the states have reopened, businesses have started picking up and getting some kind of momentum. Hopefully, it generates enough traction for the industry to recover soon.

While the future is still uncertain for a lot of industries, we can all learn a lesson or two from the woodworking industry. Make the best of what the situation brings and continue to make value for yourself and your business.

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