Improving Business Productivity with Construction Staffing Companies

Construction projects are on the rise as most economies continue to recover. Construction firms all over the world are continuously hiring for different positions for hundreds of projects in various locations. These multi-national companies with grand construction projects team up with competent construction staffing companies to get the best men for the job. They may open up vacancies for various jobs including engineers, plumbers, welders, short term laborers as well as admin staff and supervisors. Due to the nature of these companies, it can be difficult to deploy a human resources team to screen and choose applicants, so they rely on staffing companies to do the legwork for them. The process includes screening, vetting, and hiring applicants for various job positions.

Time and Cost Savings

Staffing companies are heaven-sent for job-seeking individuals because they can help these people find their dream job or a better job from their current one. These firms also offer great benefits to construction companies that need multiple workers from diverse industries or backgrounds. With the help of staffing companies, construction firms save time, effort, and money in screening appropriately skilled applicants. These staffing companies can have branches in different locations to hire more of the required workers at one time. For higher level vacancies such as engineers or managerial positions, a representative from the construction firm may sit with the staffing company to interview or review the applications.

Comprehensive Human Resources Management

Construction site

The introduction of new technologies also allows staffing companies, their client firms, and job-seekers better communication and networking. Currently, staffing companies can start manpower pooling for possible job openings with a certain construction company in another location. Once the company informs them of the job schedule, the hiring process can proceed and applicants can be informed of these updates through email or mobile phones. In some cases, these staffing companies are also the ones who manage all the work permits and documentation for the applicants that they endorse to the construction firms. There are also instances wherein these construction firms delegate the wage payment of the workers to the staffing company. The staffing company will be the one to process the mandatory benefits, taxes, and social security insurances of the workers.

Improved Productivity for Construction Companies

Now that they don’t have to worry about administrative work related to staffing, construction companies can focus more of their time and resources on finding other projects and completing their current projects on time. They also get to enjoy well-matched personnel to the job vacancies. They can easily find skilled and highly qualified workers.

It also means that jobs will be finished on time and fewer errors will be made. Construction companies can enjoy safer work practices, more productive workers, and more orderly project management. Additionally, there are also staffing companies that manage the training and certification programs of their workers, so construction firms can employ better workers for challenging jobs that require a special skill set. These include pipe fitting, welding inspection, rigging, and quality assurance teams.

With the assistance provided by staffing companies, construction firms can complete their projects on time and even bid for new projects knowing that they have the manpower needed to do the job.

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