Lawn Care Tips for Every Season

When it comes to lawn maintenance, there is no all-in-one approach that is applicable for every season. Your lawn needs a specific care strategy for winter, another approach during spring, and a different care plan for summer and autumn. Lawn maintenance should be tailored according to the season, although there are also other factors to consider, such as your location.

If you don’t have the time to think about these things and much less time to take care of your lawn personally, you can employ commercial lawn care services that are available in your area. Even if you hire someone else to take care of your lawn, it’s important to know the basics of lawn maintenance for each season.

Spring lawn maintenance

Spring is a perfect time to enjoy your garden, listen to the sound of the birds, and look at the blooming life all around. It also means tending to your lawn by weeding. Weeds can be stubborn, especially at springtime, and weeding manually (by hand) may not be as effective as using organic herbicide. Also, spring is still a good time for raking to remove any debris and the best time to fertilize warm-season grasses.

You may also notice bare or thin spots on your lawn during the spring season. Be sure to fill them with grass seeds to keep weeds from taking over the spot.

Summer lawn maintenance

Summer is always a busy time for lawns. Because of the heat, it needs to be watered regularly to make sure it is hydrated throughout the season. Regular means two to three times a week, ideally early in the morning. Your lawn can use up a lot of water, so it is advisable to use stored rainwater as much as possible. Another tip is to leave the clippings when you mow the grass, so it will serve as organic fertilizer. This way, you will have fewer tasks and you will save money on buying fertilizers.

Autumn lawn maintenance

During autumn, your lawn won’t need that much watering as it did in summer and spring. In fact, too much water might damage your lawn. If you live in an area that gets a lot of snow during winter, you can tone down the water starting in September or October. You can also continue fertilizing and mowing your lawn all throughout the season.

Winter lawn maintenance

Lawn maintenance does not end in winter, although in the northern part of the country, the weather is too cold for grass to grow. One thing that can help is buying grass seeds that are good for colder seasons, such as some fescues. It’s also important to aerate your lawn before the snow starts to fall. This way, the grass can still breathe before the lawn goes to sleep for the winter. After aerating, it’s a good idea to fertilize so that the lawn will have enough nutrients to get through the cold season.

Hand feeling the grass in the lawn

Lawn care can be tedious and exhausting, but the result is very rewarding. The lawn maintenance tips mentioned above are just some of the most effective ones. Do not hesitate to get professional help if necessary to ensure that your lawn remains healthy throughout the year.

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