The Cloud: Your Go-to Project Management Solution

In recent years, cloud technology has been prevalently utilized in the IT solutions of numerous companies and organizations. In fact, over 60% of businesses reportedly incorporate cloud solutions to implement and manage their projects.

Project management refers to the process of applying a synergy of procedures, knowledge, skills, expertise, and methods to attain a certain number of goals and objectives. It entails adhering to a schedule or timescale and a set budget. Before, businesses used to manage their projects in a traditional way. It involved too much paperwork and face-to-face meetings, which required a lot of labor expenditure and expenses.

Thankfully, there are now digital tools and software solutions that can make things easier, less costly, and more organized. A particular example is using cloud-based management software or application.

Project management software, powered by the cloud, allows employees to break down elaborate projects into smaller and more manageable tasks. Not only that, but it’s also cost-effective, promotes a higher level of productivity, and is highly flexible and scalable.

Below, we’ll go into detail and discuss the benefits of cloud computing in project management.

Cost-efficiency and low-to-no maintenance

A cloud-based project management tool enables project managers to cut down costs. In fact, 82% of businesses that used the cloud reported substantial savings. Moreover, most services powered by this technology are paid on a subscription basis, so companies only shell out a fraction of the amount that will otherwise be required.

Another plus is that the savings go beyond the software. When a business opts for a cloud solution, it can be saved from the surging costs associated with hiring an IT team that will be in charge of maintenance as well as third-party servers and other external infrastructures.

Speed and ease of use

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An on-premise software license necessitates a significant amount of time and money to be installed and configured before the project management team can make use of it.

In the case of cloud-based tools, implementation usually takes only a number of days, instead of months. Thus, the team can begin operations right away. Furthermore, the company will receive notifications regarding new features and security updates. Another good news is extra payment won’t be required to integrate these upgrades into your current software.

Digital security

Cloud-based software makes the most of sophisticated and highly secure data centers. To top that, its system has built-in disaster recovery in response to loss or destruction of data due to undesirable occurrences like breaches, unauthorized access, loss of electronic devices, or power surges. With all the important digital assets stored in the cloud, a project management team can resume work in a heartbeat even after company data has been compromised.

Free trial

This is one of the best characteristics of cloud-based applications: they have accompanying offers of free trials. By testing the tool first, project managers can determine if it does match the specific needs and demands of their business and avoid making unnecessary investments. If the trial eventually leads to an actual purchase, there’s a guarantee that the cloud solution will serve the company well.

Many companies turn to cloud for their software solutions, and with a long, comprehensive list of reasons, this shift is perfectly understandable. If you own a business or are managing a project, why not look into a cloud-based app? By conducting extensive research and sorting through options, you can find the tool that works best for you.

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