Types of Waste Collection Methods

It’s no secret that the planet is getting warmer at an alarming speed and this has been affecting various ecosystems on the planet. Anyone who denies this or simply doesn’t believe it must be blind. Global warming is a global concern, mainly because the cause of it is the planet’s primary resident: humanity. We should accept and take responsibility for our actions. Our bad habits and abuse of Earth’s resources have been identified as the primary cause of its slow decline. From oil spills to illegal logging, to air pollution due to industrialisation and whatnot, there’s no excusing it.

One thing that continually harms our planet is our waste management, or more specifically our lack of it. Various bodies of water are poisoned, sea animals are hurt, and even lands are made infertile by our carelessness when it comes to waste disposal.

Obviously, waste that is not appropriately disposed of is one of the biggest health hazards. Other than this, it becomes an eyesore.  Commercial establishments are some of the biggest producers of waste in urban settings. Most business owners only connect proper waste disposal with its recycling. The process, however, starts at the collection of your waste.

The commercial waste collection method you choose for your Sydney-based business guarantees your waste undergoes the right disposal method. To ensure your establishment remains waste-free, opting for a private waste collection company is your best bet. The following are the waste collection methods the company might offer.

Surface Containers

waste plant

The company can supply a container placed on your pavement for the placement of your waste. There are different container sizes used for waste collection. The ideal one or your business depends on the amount of waste you generate. Some companies opt to share one big container with others in their street or building to cut costs rather than have a dedicated one for their establishments.

Buried Containers

These are installed below ground level and are generally bigger than surface containers since they place no limitations on public spaces. Though costly to install, the collection costs of these containers are cheaper than surface containers. Buried containers are also aesthetically pleasing and flexible.

Pneumatic Containers

These consist of drop boxes which are connected to an underground suction pipe. Once your waste is dropped into the box, it falls due to gravity and is stored temporarily in the lower levels. With a pneumatic container, you can drop off your waste at any time, and the dropbox blends in with your surroundings. It is, however, a costly collection method.

Improper waste disposal might be the stumbling block for your business. Nobody wants to partner with a business with an untidy environment or one known for environmental pollution. The above options will help you maintain a tidy environment and properly dispose of your waste. Take proper waste disposal seriously not just for the sake of your reputation, but for the sake of our home planet as well. The global problem which is global warming is bigger than ever, but we can still take our own steps to help solve it.

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